Colleen Brackins, LIVE-IT’s Volunteer Coordinator

Have you submitted a volunteer application and never received a call to volunteer? Are you a widow or a single mom who needed yard work done (or had some other need)  and “did” receive a call from LIVE-IT telling you we didn’t have enough volunteers to help you? If you answered “Yes” to either of these questions, you have experienced LIVE-IT’s challenge of connecting volunteers in our community to the needs in our community. In other words, you have experienced our lack of volunteer coordination. That’s why it’s with great excitement we announce Colleen Brackins as LIVE-IT’s Volunteer Coordinator. God has prepared Colleen for such a time as this, her  talents in Event Planning, Networking, Connecting, and a concern for her neighbors in her community will undoubtably allow more volunteers to connect with needs in our community. Along with Colleen, her husband Dustin also has a passion for helping others in need. We are very excited about Colleen and Dustin as they work within LIVE-IT to

“Love Our Neighbors!” 1655853_10152253712613540_127074321_n

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