Regen is now “Rootin’ For Us”

Early in the morning on Christmas Day, Regen left this world and all the pain in it, to join Jesus in a place of unimaginable joy and peace. In a recent interview with Dan Morris (Regen’s Dad), he encouraged all those who have been Rootin’ For Regen to help others as his son always did. He said;

While Regen was an excellent student, athlete and artist, Dan says he’s most proud of Regen’s heart. “He wanted everyone to have fun. He didn’t want to leave anybody out, so he would find that kid that was being left out and he would be the one to bring that person into the group.”

In memory of Regen, Dan has one last request of all those who have supported them.

“There are so many other people that are hurting with illness or other needs, so our message would be for people to help the next family, help the next person, because unfortunately there will be another and another and another, Dan said”


Regen Morris

At LIVE-IT we have been blessed to have met Regen and the Morris Family, and we are committed to carry on Regen’s legacy of looking for the underdog, the lonely, the one who has needs not being met, those who need community, and bring them in. Regen loved his neighbor, and is now encouraging us to do the same. Regen is Rootin’ For Us. Let’s not let him down. 



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