God did provide…Mary’s House.

Mary lost her home on April 27th to a tornado in a series of unprecedented storms. When we spoke with Mary a month and a half later, she spoke of trusting in the Lord. Many may not understand why a widow who just lost her home and everything in it, and had no insurance, would stand firm in her hope that God would provide for her. On September 2, 2011 Mary walked through the front door of her new house. Over 160 volunteers gave thousands of hours in 7 days to build Mary a new home. Using their hands...God did provide. Enjoy the photos.

Mary's House after the tornado.

Mary's house after the volunteers.

Mary's living room full of grandkids

Mary's new kitchen

Fireplace (click on photo to see picture above the mantel)

Mary's fish pond

Thanks to those who responded to the call. Next: Photos of the construction.


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