Monthly Archives: January 2012

Exciting day @ The Exchange

Thanks to all the volunteers who gave up their Saturday to come over to The Exchange and help transform this 100 year old building into a place of re-purpose. Here are the latest photos…

Let the electrical work begin.

Lights out. Working at rewiring an old building.

Young ladies spending their Saturday to help at the Exchange.

All ages getting involved. Thanks for helping us sort.

Excited about getting their picture taken..."Not"

Lots of sorting to be done.

Getting ready to paint. Mixed all the paints together to see what color God has chosen for the walls.

Great choice God!

Installing lights.

Let the light shine. Great job guys

Lots more to do.

Photos of The Exchange coming together.

To catch everyone up. By November of last year it became obvious to us in LIVE-IT that God was moving the ministry to open a thrift store to help fund the projects we do in the community. It has been an amazing journey to watch him bring people, material, and donations to this 100 year old warehouse we are calling The Exchange. We’re believing this will be so much more than a Thrift Store. Here are some photos of the initial progress. Stay tuned…

Fixing the security lighting.

Starting the "Community Projects Board"

Blackboard paint being applied on top of magnetic primer.


Ready to post projects.

Lots of broken and painted glass.

Fixing broken windows.

The window repair team. "Notice the clean windows".

Making sure were level.

Cleaning the rafters. Amazing the dirt hidden up there.

Lots of displays to clean.

Looks like fun right? We will be meeting at “The Exchange” the new LIVE-IT Thrift Store this Saturday, January 21st at 8:30 am. Come and join us…we have lots to do.

Bless you all.