Monthly Archives: December 2011

More than a thrift store

The Exchange Video : What if a 100 year old building became a place of re-purpose for more than just thrift items? What if the people we serve find new purpose to serve their neighbors?

LIVE-IT vision for Sevier County

Please click on the link Your Invited for your invitation to re-purpose: Your Invited

Lighting up a blind man’s life.

This past Saturday three students from Johnson University helped a local resident who is blind hang Christmas lights on his home.

Three students for Johnson University love their neighbor by hanging Christmas lights.

The project started when Rick (The home owner) called his church and asked if they could help him hang Christmas lights on his home. Although Rick is blind, he wanted to help spread his Christmas cheer in his neighbornood. Rick’s church partners with LIVE-IT and activated the “Love Your Neighbor” Network and Rick is now sporting his Cheer to all who pass by his home.

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