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Mary’s House Volunteers

Thanks again to all those who made Mary’s House a reality. Here’s lots of pictures from start to finish.

Site discussion prior to footers.

Mary with granddaughter, poured footers visable behind Mary.

As construction begins, there are still many reminders of what happened on April 27th.

Foundation begins. Many local masons show up to "Love Their Neighbor".

Mayor of Pisgah helped build Mary's foundation.

Floor system built on the 26th to prepare for framers.

The Rock Interns cover Mary's home in "The Word". Talk about building on a firm foundation.

Framing crew from Sevier County, TN worked throughout the day.

As the sun goes down...

The framers continued to work.

Sevier County Framing Crew with Mary.

This mare that was pregnant and injured during the tornados (Scar on her neck) gave birth to this colt during the project.

Working on the chimmney.

Thumbs up to RSC rentals who furnished equipment for Mary's house.

Preparing to work on the outside of the house.

And the inside.

More inside work, or praying.

Love to see the young volunteers get involved.

Photo op.

Checking plans with the GC.

Preparing to side the house.

Owners of Servpro in Sevier County, TN help build Mary's house.

God Blessed this project with "GREAT" volunteers.

Sizing up the job.


Senior Pastor of the Rock FWC Scottsboro, Greg DeVries (In Tractor) "Living It"

Taking a quick break, must be hot in that black shirt.

Getting ready to install the siding.

Working on the metal flashing.

Siding being cut.

front of house.

Over 165 volunteers helped with Mary's house.

Quick break while waiting on materials.

Johnson Heating and Air. Great Job!!

Running the duct work under the house.

Back inside the house work progresses.

Sanding windows.

Some volunteers asked for the day off so they could help with Mary's house.

Thanks to Mark at HIS Landscaping for working so hard to get the outside of Mary's house so beautiful.

and our green thumb volunteers.

Lots of landscaping work.

HIS Landscapes even brought in sod to create a beautiful yard for Mary.

Volunteers came up with great ideas. Like planting a herb garden.

The sod goes down...

...and so does Mark (just for a moment)

finishing up at the back door.

Awesome job by Giffords Home Improvement. Thanks for doing a great job on the guttering.

Finishing the gutters.

Finishing up the vinyl.

Thanks for using your gifts Senator McGill.

Two "very" public servants: Chris Woods (L-Mayor of Pisgah) Shadrach McGill (R-Alabama State Senator)

Meanwhile back inside...

Problems are being solved.

Friday, September 2, 2011: Mary to arrive at 6:00 p.m.



The colt is up earily.

So are some of our volunteers.

Cleaning up the area.

Making sure everything is painted

Making sure everything is ready.

With Mary coming in just an hour or so, everyone is making sure her house is finished. Thanks First Baptist Scottsboro for Mary’s furniture.

Mary arrives to the applause of over 100 of the volunteers who helped build her house.

Pure and lasting religion in the sight of God our Father means that we must care for orphans and widows in their troubles, and refuse to let the world corrupt us.  James 1:27

God did provide…Mary’s House.

Mary lost her home on April 27th to a tornado in a series of unprecedented storms. When we spoke with Mary a month and a half later, she spoke of trusting in the Lord. Many may not understand why a widow who just lost her home and everything in it, and had no insurance, would stand firm in her hope that God would provide for her. On September 2, 2011 Mary walked through the front door of her new house. Over 160 volunteers gave thousands of hours in 7 days to build Mary a new home. Using their hands...God did provide. Enjoy the photos.

Mary's House after the tornado.

Mary's house after the volunteers.

Mary's living room full of grandkids

Mary's new kitchen

Fireplace (click on photo to see picture above the mantel)

Mary's fish pond

Thanks to those who responded to the call. Next: Photos of the construction.


Mary’s Home Dedicated This Evening

If you support the mission of LIVE-IT, or… have worked on Mary’s House, or…have given to help us rebuild this Widow’s home, You’re Invited! ¬†Between 5:30 and 6:00 pm on Friday, September 2nd Mary will be coming home to see her Brand New Home for the FIRST TIME. We are inviting everyone to this “Move That Bus” moment, as Mary will not only see and walk through her new home, but also meet the volunteers that have been building it for the past 7 days. Call 865-604-4088 for directions to get to the home dedication that will start ay 5:30 pm. After the short dedication there will be BBQ and a concert on the grounds. Thanks again to the all of you who made Mary’s prayer a miracle. Here are some photos from the build.