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Mary’s home takes shape in 3 days.

It’s amazing the progress that’s been made on Mary’s home in the last three days (Video Below). But what has truly been inspiring is to witness the day to day activities of the men and women who come to Mary’s property with one singular purpose, to help someone who needs their help. Or as the Bible says: To Love Your Neighbor As Yourself. In 3 days we have had about 100 volunteers show up to use their gifts and talents to help a widow in her troubles (James 1:27). May God Bless their hands, he has obviously already blessed their hearts. My favorite part of the video is the look on Mary’s face when she sees her new home framed up and taking shape. “Priceless!!” Click on this link to watch video:



Two days away from rebuilding Mary’s House.

“Crunch Time.” Phone calls, E-mails, Text Messages, and yes even Blogs are starting to be sent out to make sure that we have notified everyone of this wonderful opportunity to experience “Loving Our Neighbor”. If your not familiar with Mary’s story I encourage you to click on this link Over the next week we will be sending you pictures of the progress and of those who GIVE of their time and talents to serve others. Here are a few pictures that have been taken in preparation for this BIG week.

Mary with her granddaughter in front of the poured footers for her new home.

Three generations

Talking about Mary's House with Mary's son-in-law Wes (far right)

Volunteer crew shows up this past Saturday to build foundation.

Pisgah Mayor helps build Mary's foundation.

Block Mason's show up to help their neighbor.

We look forward to seeing you there. Call 865-604-4088 for more information. To sign up to help go to: tv and sign-up to LIVE-IT. Project Build from Thursday August 25th to Friday September 2nd.