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“I’m diving in, I’m going deep!”  That’s the best way to describe my week with LIVE-IT.  It all started on Thursday, May 12 with the first Dinner for Widows.  Continue reading

In the path of a disaster.

DeKalb County, AL : There is a popular saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. The following pictures were taken today, seven days after killer tornadoes criss-crossed the state of Alabama. It’s time to “Love Our Neighbors”, Tennessee.

Meeting with Pastor Joe (The Rock Church) to learn how LIVE-IT can help.

Home in the path of the tornado.

A common sight. Many trees on homes.

Trailer home flipped on it's roof.

Power lines down across roads.

Truck about 100 ft from where home was...

...home site.

In Rainsville:

The path of an F5 tornado travels through town.

Rainsville Coliseum in background and what was the Huddle House to the left.

Five individuals lost their lives when tornado hit this Huddle House.



Emergency Roof Repair

The phone rang and Gary L., a past LIVE-IT volunteer, was asking for help. Not for himself, but for his mother-in-law. A strong storm hit the night before (The same storms that devastated Alabama) and destroyed his wife’s parents garage and torn off shingles on their home. Gary told me that he needed to get a tarp on the roof but he couldn’t do it alone. He continued…During the storms the night before, his father-in-law had several aneurysms and was now in the ICU on life support. All the family was gathering around his bedside. Gary didn’t know what to do. If more rain came it could ruin the inside of the home. I want to thank the volunteers that responded to the emergency call to meet at the Wal-mart parking lot in Newport, TN and drive another 12 miles to Hartford, TN. All this to “Love Their Neighbor”. Even if their neighbor was miles away and in the next county.