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The Need Next Door.

Did you wake up this morning, walk in your bathroom, flip on the switch and your light come on immediately?  Then walk over to the sink, turn on the faucet and water came out?  Let me introduce to you to Clarence and Nell Clarence is 82 years old with Alzheimer’s and Nell is in her 70’s.  In order for Clarence and Nell to be able to turn on their water this morning they had to climb under their house and turn it on, then climb back under the house to turn it off .  In the bathroom the light switch doesn’t work and the colored Christmas lights hanging on the wall brings very little light.  Clarence built this house himself when he and Nell first got married.  They have worked hard all their lives and now have gotten older.  Too old to make repairs and their home has all kinds of issues.  They do not live in Africa or in a country where there has been an earthquake, tornado or tsunami.  They live right here in Seymour, Tennessee and yet have to climb under the house every time they need water and then back under the house and turn it off.

The volunteer contractor that looked at Clarence and Nell’s home says it will take about $1240 to make these plumbing and electrical repairs.  Would you like to help?  You can make donations to help LIVE-IT get Clarence and Nell’s home repaired by mailing a check to P.O. Box 416 Seymour TN  37865 or contribute online at Please indicate on your donation: Clarence and Nell Repairs.

Clarence and Nell are waiting for someone to help…….will it be you?


Sevier County Churchs LIVE-IT.

Pathways Church in Sevierville, TN recently adopted two LIVE-IT projects that “literally” changed the environments of two local widows. Pathway’s mens group, “Men in motion” has already completed many service projects within their church, and has recently partnered with LIVE-IT to reach further into the community .

Another Sevier County Church that is encouraging their people to “get out of the box” is Seymour Heights Christian Church in Seymour, TN. LIVE-IT is excited to be a part of these, and many other outreach oriented churches, and is looking forward to being a witness to the “Love” of Jesus Christ through “Loving Our Neighbors”.


April 9th: Pathways Church adopts two widows projects in Sevier County.

Pathways "Men in motion" give their Saturday to "LIVE-IT"

The Project: Ms. Perry is confined to a wheelchair. She had trash that has been removed from her home by neighbors and thrown into her 8 x 8 storage unit next to her home. She had 1 year’s worth of trash accumulated. Many of the trash bags had already decomposed.

Ms. Perry with her "heroes" for the day. The trash is gone!!

Trucks backed up to the storage shed to load bags of garbage.

Let the trash collecting begin.

Not for squeemish stomachs. Even through choking and at times having to walk away to catch their breath, all these men continued on task. That's "Loving Your Neighbor!"

The men not only cleaned inside the storage container, but outside as well.

Working as a team...

...bag after bag were filled. and loaded onto trucks.

Eight truck loads were taken to the dump.

A grateful Ms Perry thanks those who came to serve.

The Project: Ms Phillips has difficulty getting around in her kitchen. She is on oxygen and most of the time needs a powered wheelchair when moving through her home. Her kitchen has a center island that make it difficult to access her appliances, etc. due to the tight space.

After a long day, this is a picture of the majority of the days servants. Others that participated to help Ms. Phillips are pictured below.

Before: The island in the center of the kitchen. Not much room to move in a wheelchair.

Everything in the kitchen must go.








The flooring is removed down to the plywood. Electrical and plumbing must be moved as well.

Laying down................the new flooring.

Ms Phillips and her daughter made lunch for the volunteers.

Finishing the trim work.

Working on the new plumbing.

Appliances moved back to their former spot.

Thunder storms in the middle of constuction. After lunch of course, thank you Lord!

The new location for what was the island.

Ms Phillips has a new kitchen and new friends.

The finishing touches...

...and a few more touches.

And now it's time to say goodbye and head home.

Going home now, sore...exaused...and happy. Thanks neighbors.

Seymour Heights Christian Church is “Taking the Bible out of the box”.

LIVE-IT has set up shop in the foyer of Seymour Heights Christian Church to recruit volunteers for upcoming projects. Lead Pastor Randy Penwell is pictured second from left.