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Planning the first “Love Your Neighborhood Project”

On a Thursday morning four volunteers meet in the parking lot of a McDonalds in Sevierville, TN. All four have one thing in common and it’s not the black T-shirts they’re wearing. Each have a special talent that they’re about to use to help neighbors they don’t know and have never met. These neighbors live 3 1/2 hours south in Scottsboro, AL. This “Love Your Neighbor Road Trip” actually started weeks before when LIVE-IT received a call from Sheila Washington of the Scottsboro Boys Museum asking for help. A house had been donated to the museum and needed lots of work to make it livable for an 80 year old widow who lost her home in a flood last August. After meeting with Sheila and visiting the house and neighborhood, it became clear that the “harvest” was greater than just providing a widow a place to call her own. We observed  a neighborhood of need in all directions. After discussing what we observed with the LIVITES in Sevier County, TN God began to work in the hearts of those who “Love Their Neighbors” in TN, to now “Love Their Neighbors” in AL.  And so our four LIVITES begin their journey to sow their talents into lives in Alabama.  The photos below were taken over the past 2 days and chronicle the first steps that will go into the first “Love Your Neighborhood” project…God willing

LIVE-IT Operations Group arrive in Scottsboro and grab lunch. They are from Left to Right: Terri Danis (Intake), Marci Claude (Media), John Ouellette (LIVE-IT County Manager), Don Loher (Operations), Jon Hawker (Construction Liaison)

LIVE-IT Team learns about the Scottsboro Boys during their visits to the museum.

Arriving at the project house. The home has been unoccupied for some time.

The house will require significant repairs to the outside of the structure.

The house is throughly evaluated to prepare a budget for upcoming project fundraising.

Many repairs will be required inside the house as well in order to provide a safe environment for our neighbor.

In addition to evaluating the house for repairs. The team walks the neighborhood to determine additional needs.

Stopping along the way to talk with our neighbors.

And beginning to develop relationships. Here the team meets Meagan, walking home from work. We found out her talent is telling people what to do. A "leader" in the making.

The team meets at the Comfort Inn (256-259-8700) to discuss the days findings. Joining the LIVE-IT team is Pastor Joe from The ROCK church in Scottsboro and Michelle the General Manager of the Hotel to plan for incoming teams of volunteers.

Members of the first "Love Your Neighborhood" planning group.

The next day…

The Mayor of Scottsboro (Melton Potter) welcomes LIVE-IT and further encourages the mission of "Loving Our Neighbors" in Scottsboro.

God leads LIVE-IT to a divine appointment with Scottsboro's Chief of Police (Ralph Dawes)

In every meeting throughout the day, LIVE-IT met with unanimous support. Pictured here is Scottsboro Councilman, Gary Speers, with LIVE-IT founders, Paul and Terri Danis.

Photos from March “Love Your Neighbor Day”

This past Saturday March 12th, seven families in 2 counties were shown the “Love of God” by 25 volunteers. The projects ranged from repairing the latch on a front door to replacing a broken sewer line. As varied as the projects were, so were the volunteers who showed up to do them. We are seeing younger volunteers show up for “Love Your Neighbor” projects and that is encouraging. LIVE-IT would like to thank all those who “gave” of their “Sunny Saturday” to place the needs of their neighbor above their own. And here they are…

“Love” Your Neighbor Project # 1

Julie C. (Widow living in a home with many problems)

Need: Julie’s roof leaks when it rains.

Location: Cocke County, TN.

Photos of project

Julie (Center) with LIVE-IT Team.

Julie and her family are looking forward to “LIVING-IT Forward” on an upcoming project.

Rolling on roof sealant.

There is damage inside Julie’s home due to water leaking from her roof. The first step towards future repairs begins with sealing her roof to stop further damage.


“Love” Your Neighbor Project # 2

Glenn and Alene P. (Elderly couple)

Need: Gutters are clogged and other roof maintaince.

County: Sevier County, TN.

Photos of project ↓

Project # 2: The Clines… volunteers loving their neighbors.

Each project has a good neighbor. The good neighbor is someone who visits with those we are serving and gets to know them.


“Love” Your Neighbor Project # 3

Ronnie and Brenda W.

Need: Water damage and excess moisture has caused mold to grow in their home.

Location: Sevier County, TN

PROJECT SPONSOR: SERVPRO of Sevier and Cocke Counties

Photos of Project ↓

Project # 3: Ronnie and Brenda W. (Pictured in center)

Both Ronnie and Brenda have had health challenges and Ronnie is recovering from cancer.

Project # 3: Cleaning bedroom.

Our thanks to SERVPRO for “Loving Their Neighbors”


“Love” Your Neighbor Project # 4

Sharon D. (Single Mom with 3 Children)

Need: Sewer line ruptured and needed to be replaced. Due to utility lines running near sewer line, all digging needed to be by shovel.

Location: Sevier, TN

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Allan Bickford Plumbing

Photos of Project ↓

Sharon and her children are pictured at right.

The team of volunteers that showed up to help a single mom and her kids was mainly high school and college aged youth. Way to Go Guys!!

Young LIVE-IT Vols jump in.

Job completed.

It doesn’t seem to matter how messy the work when the heart is in the right place.


“Love” Your Neighbor Project # 5

Angela C.  (Single Woman with Multiple Sclerosis)

Needs: Window AC needs replaced, back porch light needs replacing, roof needs to be sealed to stop leaking.

Location: Sevier County, TN

Photos of Project ↓

Angela and her loving neighbors.

Angela (Like Julie in project #1) has several issues that need to be addressed. Thanks to these volunteers, Angela has 3 less things to worry about.

Roof after sealant applied.


“Love” Your Neighbor Project #6

Monika, J. (Widow)

Needs: Front door is difficult to open.

Location: Sevier County, TN

Photos of Project ↓

Monika with her two LIVE-IT Neighbors


“Love” Your Neighbor Project # 7

Patsey Ownby (Widow on oxygen)

Needs: Patsey was just released from the hospital, she needs a haircut and is still very weak.

Location: Sevier County, TN

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Al Robles and his scissors

Photos of Project ↓

Patsey with her just in time haircut.

Patsey was having difficulty with her hair getting tangled into her oxygen canula when she slept.

Patsey and her new “Jamie Lee Curtis” haircut.

They Need You…More calls are coming in daily from our neighbors that need help. We need more volunteers. Won’t you sign up to “Love Your Neighbors”

Go to and click on: Sign Up to LIVE-IT