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A Biblical Moment

The Bible tells of a time when Jesus was in the Temple courtyard and witnessed a poor widow giving all she had in the offering plate. He quickly called his disciples to witness the event and used the opportunity to teach about giving. Today I was reminded of that Biblical moment when I stopped by the home of a couple that have been with LIVE-IT for some time. This older couple who LIVE-IT once helped, has been helping others on LIVE-IT projects ever since. As I was about to leave their home, Karen gave me a marked out prescription bottle full of change. She said it was their monthly 4C contribution, and then began to apologize for it being in change. That was the furthest thing from my mind.

It’s common for a new business who receives it’s first dollar bill to frame it and place it on the wall. I’ll be looking for a frame for our bottle. May God Bless you both. We love you!

Three moving moments

Three widows, two in Tennessee and one in Alabama needed help. And thanks to the following volunteers (pictured) and project sponsors, we were able to give them the helping hands they needed. But more than just moving “stuff”, new friends were made and relationships established. Also, we witnessed God opening doors to new relationships with future church, business, and non-profit partners. “The Families Growing”.

Debra L. (Tennessee)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Project: Moving from Knoxville to Sevierville. Project Sponsor: First Baptist Church Seymour Debra needed help moving from Knoxville to Sevierville. Thanks to all who responded to our neighbor Debra’s need.

Debra's neighbors arrive to move her.



and packing the truck.


and younger...


under God!

to "Love Our Neighbor Debra"

Blanche C. and Kristi C. (Alabama)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Project: Moving a storage container from Gurley to Fyffe AL. Project Sponsor: Scenic Realty, Scottsborro, AL. A storage container needed to be emptied and the contents moved. LIVE-IT was not able to find a truck to move the contents of the storage unit. While driving, a truck was spotted in the parking lot of Scenic Realty and Auction. After a quick introduction Scenic Realty gave LIVE-IT the keys to the truck. Thank You God, and thank you Scenic Realty for “loving your neighbor”.

New business to LIVE-IT

The truck God provided.

Good start.

The packing starts

The work progresses.

Posing in the now enpty storage unit.

Our neighbor Blanche and Kristi.

Delynn G. (Tennessee)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Project: Helping Widow Clean Garage and Remove Donated Items. Project Sponsor: The LORD’s Child. Monday was Presidents Day and another opportunity to “Love Our Neighbors”.


Lots to be done.

Lots of activity

Volunteers from all backgrounds showed up to help.

Taking a quick break.

The group

“Angels” @ February Love Your Neighbor Day!

If you’ve been following the blogs, most of you know that LIVE-IT completed over 100 projects in 2010. What you may not know is that all those projects were completed without the use of “Angels”. No I’m not referring to the heavenly helpmates or the baseball team in California. I’m referring to the new LIVE-IT volunteer position that will be on all LIVE-IT project sites in 2011 called the “Angel”. As the team works on roofs, floors, yards, etc. the Angel will be spending time with the homeowner getting to know them and developing a relationship.

Great Job to all of you who gave up your Saturday to Love Your Neighbor. And thanks to all of you “Angels”!

Ms. George had a wonderful surprise when these 4 ladies showed up at her door to “Love their neighbor.” Penny second from left was Ms. Georges “Angel”

Ms.Beeler needed her bedroom floor repaired (termites) and lots of furniture moved to repair the floor. Thanks to all the volunteers who showed up to help. Kate (crouching to the left of Ms. Beeler) was Ms. Beelers "Angel"

"Thank you Lord for always bringing the right people who have hearts to love their neighbors". Removal of the old floor.

Ms. Byrd's deck needed several repairs. Here are members of her team with "Angels" Kristina and her daughter Zoe.

Great job, deck team. Ms. Byrd now can safely be outside.