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Several weeks ago students from MTSU (Middle Tennessee State University) showed up to move the Carver family. The Carvers (Grandma, Mom, and Daughter) needed help to move and needed it right away. The call went out and MTSU students responded. Here are some photos from the moving day.

Our neighbors the Carvers

All ages showed up to LIVE-IT

MTSU students Erika and Kate.

MTSU was well represented.

Quick lunch.

Wrapping the breakables.

Ms. Carvers loving neighbors.

A couple of weeks later the Carver’s storage unit needed moving.

Brad (from Johnson Bible College) helped relocate the stored furniture.

Ms. Carver in her new home.

First “Love Your Neighbor Day” in 2011

And what a day!! Clear skies and a balmy 38 degrees. Thanks to everyone who came out on this January morning wearing their warm jackets and a desire to serve their neighbors. When the day was completed, the teams had repaired a widow’s well pump, cleaned a widow’s home, and helped LIVE-IT relocate building materials for future projects. We are excited to see all the kids who came to serve and pray that this will be a growing trend. Here are a few of the highlights from this past Saturday:

Group picture before departing for projects

For the past several days Dixie has had no water. George and Ed work on installing a new well pump.

Hairdryer used to heat the work area

Dixie and her well repair neighbors.

Meanwhile over at Juanita's home, everyone is getting busy cleaning and organizing

The clean team at work

Juanita and her neighbors.

The third team helped consolidate building materials to a central location for future projects.

Moving plywood into containers

Large shower and bath unit being moved.

Mary not only made calls to rally volunteers, she was one.

The kids did a great job. The shirts are coming.

Organizing for quick access. Go team!

Our moving and organizing neighbors.

To find out more about upcoming LIVE-IT events click the calendar tab.

Preparing for the first “Love Your Neighbor Day” in 2011

This Saturday, January 15th will be the first LIVE-IT “Love Your Neighbor Day” in 2011. If you want to participate in this first LIVE-IT event serving widows and helping LIVE-IT relocate building materials, meet us in the Big Lots parking lot in Sevierville at 8:30 am. See you there…

A new year, so how will it be different?

A new year means a new start for many. Many make resolutions to do things differently. I thought it would be interesting to see what the top 10 New Year’s resolutions are for those that make them. Here is the top ten, counted down in David Letterman fashion:

#10 – Get organized

#9   – Help others

#8   – Learn something new

#7    – Get out of debt

#6    – Quit drinking

#5    – Enjoy life more

#4    – Stop smoking

#3    – Tame the bulge

#2    – Fit in fitness

And the number one most popular new years resolution is….

#1     – Spend more time with family and friends

50% of adults in North America will make a New Year’s resolution (Norcross & Vangarelli, 1988, as cited by Koestner 2008) However most people fail in adhering to their stated New Year’s resolutions. Specifically, 22% fail after one week, 40% after one month, 50% after three months, 60% after six months, and 81% after twenty-four months (Norcross & Vangarelli, 1988, as cited by Koestner 2008). Three reasons for failing to achieve one’s stated goals (Baumeister and Heatherton 1996, as cited by Koestner, 2008, p. 61):

(1) Unclear and vague goals. (2) Failure to gauge one’s progress toward the stated goals. (3) Weak self control and self-regulation when facing challenges that impede one’s ability to achieve the stated goals.

What most resolutions have in common is they are made by individuals for personal improvement. And therefore when the individual fails so does the resolution.


Introducing the first group commitment that resolves to love our neighbors. 16,000 of them to be exact…

…and we’re asking you to be one of them.

Find out more at:

Have a Blessed New Year