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LIVE-IT at Large

In the past 14 days LIVE-IT has been blessed with opportunities to get the word out about Loving Our Neighbors. ┬áTo start with our first “Love Your Neighbor Day” on October 16th was successful due to organizations like the Boys and Girls Club and Operation: youthreach joining us to do much needed repairs on widows homes and homes of those in great need.

LIVE-IT Goes to church(s)

As many already know and some may not, LIVE-IT is prepared to do projects 6 days a week. On Sunday’s we encourage those who don’t regularly attend church services to attend a worship service at a local church.

Five weeks ago LIVE-IT decided to take that suggestion to the next level by asking all of our volunteers who do not regularly attend a church service to join LIVE-IT as we visit a different church each Sunday. Those that have volunteered with LIVE-IT and are members of a local church body are asked to wear their “Taking the BIBLE out of the box” t-shirt when LIVE-IT attends their church. We want to thank the following churches for being so accommodating to LIVE-IT as we visited their church:

LIVE-IT Group this past Sunday

New Hope Church of God (Kodak, TN)

Seymour Heights Christian Church (Seymour, TN)

Gatlinburg First Baptist (Gatlinburg, TN)

Kodak United Methodist Church (Kodak, TN)

Pathways Church (Sevierville, TN)

The Demo Group helping a widow remove an old trailer.

And finally another thank you to the Boys and Girls Club for helping us with a sort of different project. Most of the time we are building, but occasionally we have the opportunity to do a little demolition.

Great job!

More projects from “Love Your Neighbor Day”

A single Mom who cares for kids is cared for: Two of our regular servants did a great job at Sharon’s home. Sharon is a single Mom with 3 children who needed some help around her home. The roof of her storage building was rotted and that’s just the start. Safety railing needed to be replaced and something needed to be done about making the slope in her backyard safer to travel after several slip and falls. The following pictures are from project #2 of our recent “Love Your Neighbor Day.”

A picture before the work gets started.

The storage building in need of repairs.

The slippery slope to the backyard.

Safety railing on deck is old and flimsy.

First...the new roof.

Getting what's needed to the roof.

Replacing the rotted boards.

New roofing material being applied.

In the backyard, stepping stones are being placed before digging.

Digging to place pavers.

Everyone getting involved.

A break for a bite to eat.

Getting started on the rails.

Boards applied to fasten new rails

Replaced safety rail by the front door.

Do you know someone who needs help?

Call 865-604-4088