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Pictures from the first “Love Your Neighbor Day”

Saturday the 16th was a red letter day for volunteers that gathered together at 8:00 am in the Big Lots parking lot to show their love for their neighbors. Around 30 volunteers from various backgrounds showed up along with the Sevier County Sheriff to help complete needed projects on our neighbors homes. The Boys and Girls Club of Sevier County and Operation YouthReach also showed up to provide further support in repairing homes and loving our neighbors. We couldn’t have done it without them.

Enjoy these photos of our LIVE-IT crews in action…Thanks for your wonderful service!

The First "Love Your Neighbor Day" Group 8:00 am Saturday Oct 16th

Our neighbor Patsy...while the LIVE-IT crew worked on her home Lindsay took Patsy on a needed grocery run.

Back at Patsy's home the crew focused on 3 projects. The first...the ceiling in Patsy's kitchen.

Second...the ceiling in Patsy's bedroom.

Third...Patsy's roof.

Cutting out damaged ceiling in kitchen.

Sheriff measuring replacement patch.

New insulation inserted by our Boys and Girls Club Volunteers.

Patch installed.

Taping the mudding.

Girls adding texture to the patch.



Removing old bedroom ceiling tiles.



Now onto the roof.

Preparing the roof.

Roofing project under the direction of Seth from Operation YouthReach.

...and Kate, Representing MTSU and a seasoned roofer.



Special Thanks to:

McCarter Lumber

Carl Ownby & Co.

Knox Rail Salvage

Operation Youth Reach

Boys and Girls Club of Sevier County

More to come on the other 5 projects completed on

LOVE Your Neighbor Day…

Patsy's Neighbors...

The Month In Pictures.

LOTS has happened in the past few weeks. Lets look at some of the people who have decided to LIVE-IT and how they are Loving Their Neighbors

Learning about LIVE-IT…

…built steps inside homes to help their neighbors move around their house safely.

…given their time to help LIVE-IT contain donated building materials.

…donated their fence.

…and helped remove it…

…removed the fence to give to someone needing one.

LIVE-IT Fundraiser…

…helped LIVE-IT raise funds by serving at Smoky Mountain Pizza.

…and we really mean serving.

…showed up in numbers to make the fundraiser a success.

When a church needs to be finished…

…neighbors show up and pitch in to do whatever they can.

…they helps clean the building.

…move heavy items

…organize building materials.

…move doors.

…remove no longer needed material.

…even large stuff

…everyone had a purpose

…and they all did a great job.

Donated Tennessee refrigerator finds a home in Alabama.

…refrigerator makes the 3 hour drive without a scratch.

…the movers came through without a scratch as well.

A family now has a way to keep their food cold.     Pictured at left Teresa and Carol from                 New Beacon Hospice.

Ms. Collyar kitchen is completed.

Water damage and mold throughout Ms. Collyar (a widow) kitchen

Neighbors assemble to help rebuild her kitchen.

All water damage removed.

After the new floor has been installed, new cabinets are put in place.

Ms. Collyar’s new kitchen.

Ms. Collyar

Neighbors continue to LIVE-IT so that church can “impact community”

A group returns on Saturday morning to…

Block a wall and…

sand the sheetrock to…

prepare them for painting, then…


A water heater falls through a widows floor.

Ms. Devine and Chopper

Hot water heater behind tub sitting on ground.

New water heater installed.

The Divine Plumber.

The Divine Group

Meanwhile back in Alabama…

Ms. Whitton needs help.

Her front steps and landing are in need of maintenance.

LIVE-IT crew arrives at Ms Whitton’s home.

Painting the posts

Painting the eaves.

Making the railings look like new

Finishing the trim

What a difference a loving neighbor can make.

It’s good to have loving neighbors stand behind you.