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LIVE-IT Updates 8.15.10 to 8.22.10

The efforts of 40 volunteers save a family from losing their home. The largest LIVE-IT project to date was completed on August 14, 2010 when 40 volunteers gave up their Saturday to remove lots of yard debris from a South Knoxville home. On Monday, August 16th the property was inspected and the notice to condemn the property was cancelled. Again, our thanks to Gatlinburg Falls Resort for sponsoring this project and providing many of the wonderful volunteers who participated in this clean-up effort.

South Knoxville property prior to clean-up.

After clean-up project and order to condemn "cancelled"

Local churches help LIVE-IT store donated building materials.

This week marks a new chapter in the mission of LIVE-IT Ministries as three Sevier County churches agreed to help LIVE-IT with a problem it has struggled with for months. As the awareness of LIVE-IT has increased with builders and contractors, so have donations of building materials. This has certainly been a blessing, however storage of these donated materials has posed a challenge.¬†This week, New Hope Church of God, The Gathering, and Evergreen PCA will be placing a 10×40 container on their property for LIVE-IT to use as storage for these donated building materials. LIVE-IT will paint these containers black and logo them with the familiar (LIVE-IT – Taking the Bible out of the box). This will further serve as a reminder to the community of the commitment these churches have to “demonstrate” the love of Christ in their communities through service projects.

Container being delivered to New Hope Church Of God

Container delivered to The Gathering Church.

To God be the Glory!!

LIVE-IT Updates 8.7.10 to 8.14.10




...but I will show you my faith through my good deeds. James 2:18 (Click on picture to enlarge)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ms. Collyar's kitchen floor was about to fall in.

Over time water had weakened the kitchen subfloor.

The old floor is removed.

The entire floor will be replaced.

Installing the new floor.

God has given gifts to each of you from his great variety of spiritual gifts. Manage them well so that God's generosity can flow through you. 1 Peter 4:10

A week or so ago…

LIVE-IT was contacted by a local church regarding an immediate need to assist an elderly couple.

Because of built up yard debris, their home and property was scheduled to be condemned.

Health problems kept the family from clearing the property.

9 a.m. Saturday Morning

Gatlinburg Falls Resort employees and past LIVE-IT volunteers respond to the call.

Yes even "Loving Your Neighbor" requires paperwork.

Preparing for the Project (Carb Loading)

At the house, the crew gets to work.

Years of overgrowth removed.

Debris removed.

LIVITES of all ages involved.

To the dumpster donated by Waste Connections.

Lots more to go...

Progress is made quickly.

Tarps are made to speed up the process of clearing.

Mrs. Headrick comes out to thank the team.

Everyone gathered quickly for a photo with the family.

Time for lunch.

Just about done.

Finishing touches.

Photos with family.

Thanks for everything.

The Headrick will stay in their home. To God be the Glory!

LIVE-IT Ministries would like to thank the following sponsors:

Gatlinburg Falls Resort

Waste Connections of Tennessee

LIVE-IT Updates – July Month In Review

So much is happening in LIVE-IT that it is often difficult for me to keep the blog updated. My apologies for the delay in getting all of the wonderful and exciting news of the comings and goings of all who our joining the ranks of those committed to Living God’s word. July was an exciting month for the ministry and here is the proof of it…God Bless You All!

As you may recall the month started out with trips to Jackson County, Alabama, Gulf Shores, and the Detroit area to look for opportunities to infect others with the contagious need to “Love our Neighbors”.

The community is learning about LIVE-IT and more projects are being called into the ministry in Sevier County, TN. Like Ms. Collyar

Ms. Collyar who has no air conditioner and plumbing problems welcomes LIVE-IT volunteers into her home.

7-7-2010: Our first donated mobile home. One of our contractors evaluates the exterior.

Bill's story of how LIVE-IT touched his life is told in the July "Out of the Box" Newsletter.

7-15-2010: LIVE-IT Jackson County, Alabama kicks off in the conference room of SERVPRO of Jackson and DeKalb Counties.

Carpeting-Painting-Tiling-Toilets- What do you do when so much needs to be repaired? LIVE-IT Volunteers responded to the need for help.

Old Carpeting Removed

Padding being removed and walls prepared for painting.

At the same time some where across town…

A group of carpenters, plumbers, electricians gather in a widows home to repair her kitchen floor.

The old floor is removed.

Kitchen counters and plumbing must come out.

Old floor in poor condition

Other Projects:

Helping a neighbor with new flooring.

LIVE-IT Team helps paint and install new flooring.

New flooring for kitchen.

Looks great!

A new day…a new group of LIVITES.

Painting the trim.

Repairing some plumbing issues.


More trim painting

Homeowners and LIVE-IT Volunteers work together.

Toilets need to be re-seated.

July 29th Р Jackson County, Alabama

Jackson County Chamber of Commerce Meeting. LIVE-IT Introduced to many local businesses.

LIVE-IT meeting at Jackson County SERVPRO.

Michelle (L) - General Manager of the Comfort Inn in Scottsboro, AL. will be the new host home for future LIVE-IT Meetings in Jackson County. Thank You Comfort Inn & Suites.

More to come…