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LIVING-IT more than 1 day a week.

This past week was a landmark week for LIVE-IT.

God is opening doors and providing opportunities for LIVE-IT to introduce the six day a week mission of “Loving Our Neighbors”.  Churches and other Humanitarian Organizations are working in concert to meet needs and effect real change. To catch you up on all the recent happenings we submit the following pictures:

WEDNESDAY JUNE 16: New Hope Church and their Wednesday evening mowing crew.

WEDNESDAY JUNE 16: At the same time contractors build a wheelchair ramp.

SATURDAY JUNE 19: Taylor demo and install of new plumbing.

SATURDAY JUNE 19: Bluff Park United Methodist Church from Birmingham, AL Yard Transformation Team.

SATURDAY JUNE 19: Donated washer and dryer installation team.

TUESDAY JUNE 22: LIVE-IT Golf Team at The LORD'S Child Golf Tournament.

WEDNESDAY JUNE 23: Seymour Pastor's Meeting (6 Churches Represented)

LIVE-IT is heading to Alabama. More news to follow…

SERVING far from home.

30 in Birmingham youth group show up to make a difference.

When the Taylor’s project started several weeks ago we knew many volunteers would be working on the project. But no one could have imagined the distance God would bring them. Thanks for LIVING-IT.

Yard transformation team with the Taylor's.

The need:

THE NEED: Remove clutter and debris from 1 acre of yard.

THE NEED: Remove tall grass and weeds from property.

THE NEED: More de-cluttering needed.

THE NEED: Wood material needs to be stacked to burn.

THE NEED: Garden area needs attention.

Preparing for the project:

The group preparing to serve.

Quick picture at cabin before trip to the Taylor's.

At the project site:

Arriving at the Taylor's.

Lunch before the work starts.

Eating lunch before the rain comes.

Storm rolls in shortly after team arrives.

Inside the Taylor's waiting out the storm.

Sky begins to clear and God lowered the outside temp for team.

The work begins.

Knocking down the weeds.

Broken swing being disassembled.

Others prepare to clear debris.


Removing scrap metal.

Hauling and sorting the debris.

Broken swing coming down.

Slide removal.

Was that a spider?

They grow-em big in Tennessee.

The work proceeds, cautiously.

Getting it done.

Removing a broken bench.

Tall brush continues to fall.

Front entry garden starts to take shape.

An amazing transformation is taking place.

Cleaning up.

All the trimmings.

What a difference!

Great Job Team!!

The Yard Transformation Team.

Keep checking back…We will be adding additional photos of the completed work as they come in. LIVE-IT would like to thank Reed, Patrick and the entire group from Bluff Park United Methodist Church in Birmingham, AL.

Keep on LIVING-IT.

The house that Love is rebuilding.

Throughout the month of June LIVE-IT is helping rebuild the Taylor’s home, from the inside to the outside. Here is a quick snapshot of the work completed last week, We invite you to join us…

The Family:







Last Weeks Project:

Saturday, June 12 project consisted of preparing the rooms for new flooring, demolition of a non-functioning bathroom and removing mold and contaminated building materials from adjoining rooms.

Removing items from the family room

Nikki helps in the removal process

Everyone helped.

Father and son removing the tub.

Removing the plumbing.

Breaking down walls.

Boys room.

...more sorting going on in the family room.

Removing furniture.


More debris.

Debris removal.

Down to the bare wood.

Cleaning the kitchen.

more wall removing.

Removing furniture.

Some of the furniture cleaning crew...

more cleaners...

Everyone is getting into this cleaning thing.


Back inside, new water lines are being installed.

The family room is cleaned out and ready for new flooring.


Cleaning up.

The Team

This Saturday, June 19…

We will be working to further the work started in the bathroom and boys room. Also, we will be working outside to remove yard clutter and trim over growth. We desperately need your prayers and financial support as we head into the next two weeks. We have been blessed with many donations of building materials, however there are still costly items that the ministry will need to fund. Pennies help when enough are given, a gift of any amount is greatly appreciated.

Send to: LIVE-IT Ministries                                                                                                                                                                                                                    P.O. Box 416                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Seymour, TN 37865

Stay tuned for more updates on the house that LOVE is rebuilding. Thank You

Broken Door Servants

“Carol needs help…

she had her back door kicked in by a burglar and it’s been boarded up temporarily”, Alan explained on the phone. Alan Bickford a plumber who has served with LIVE-IT since the first project received the initial call and explained that a new door had been purchased but needed a good carpenter to hang it and make it secure to discourage future robberies.

The Servants…

Servants meet at New Hope Church to answer “The Call”

Dan, the team lead.

Sizing up the situation.


Using the gifts God's given them...FOR OTHERS!

The "Broken Door" Team with Carol

The complete servant team.


LIVE-IT team(s) will be meeting at the New Hope Church of God this Wednesday, June 16 @ 6:30 pm.

The more volunteers the greater the community impact. God has given you talents and gifts, bring them with you and let’s change things!!

Call for more information: 865-604-4088

First Fundraiser – Thank U volunteers!

A Success – Thank You All!

LIVE-IT just completed it’s first yard sale fundraiser. On top of selling alot of stuff, it looks like the volunteers had a real good time.

FIRST Fundraiser!

Waving them in.

Outdoor and Indoor sale

Our Greeters

Lots of good stuff.

Smiles everywhere.

Lots and lots of Clothes.

Nice aaaaah bag.

I think they're too small.

Making the little ones laugh...I hope that's laughing.

Taking a well deserved break

A perfect match

Back outside.

Cash and we'll carry.

Checking out a cool light.

Telling customers about LIVE-IT

Smiling on the run

Hungry? Have a Jim dog

Selling hot dogs...great job!

Getting ready to wrap it up.

Our youngest volunteer.

We will be discussing the outcome of the yard sale as well as upcoming projects this Thursday, June 10 at 6:30 P.M. at 707 W. Main Street Sevierville.