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The first steps to Hope

We are told that there are 3 things that will endure.


Endure what?

A bad economy? Bankruptcy? Our kids rebelling? Poor decision making? Loss of a loved one?

This past Saturday I had the distinct pleasure of witnessing a revival. Not at a church, or under a tent, or in a stadium with thousands of people. The revival took place on a country back road with 16 volunteers that wore black shirts in the heat of the day, and worked to clean out and organize a garage for a family who needed to experience LOVE, HOPE, and FAITH. (Please remember this, it’s never about the cleaning and organizing, building and painting, or anything else we physically do for someone in need that endures.)

By the time the LIVE-IT volunteers were ready to leave, something had changed dramatically. Sixteen people gave their Saturday to LOVE their neighbor, and HOPE had been restored in a family that was beaten down by this world. There is much more to do at the Taylor’s home. More Saturdays will be needed to make their home safe and secure for their 4 children. We are excited to see who God will bring us to finish this project, we know their coming…we have FAITH!

The Taylor Family

The project: de-clutter and organize the garage.

Removing items from the garage.

Cleaning and dusting.

Throwing away non-usable items.

Keep pile.

Sorting into piles.


More discards.

Lots of dust.

Sweeping team

Reclaiming metal for the ministry.

The Taylor's donated other items for the upcoming LIVE-IT yard sale.

Heavy lifting.

Back in the garage things are getting organized.

About ready to break for lunch.

Dillon learning to serve... Way to go!

Destinee watches the transformation

Doing the real important things.

Hope may start small...

But Hope finished BIG!

First Step Finished

The First Step Team

Phase 2 in 2 weeks. Stay tuned for details…

Clean outreach

The Clean Team

Helping Grace

Cleaning and organizing a kitchen may not seem like much of a ministry outreach. But for Grace, an elderly woman who has difficulty getting around, it  was an answer to prayer.

Another prayer?

Now that this prayer has been answered Grace  is praying for her grandson, Peter, who lives with her, is unemployed and experiencing many of the harsh realities of this world. He has a talent, however; auto mechanics. Grace is praying for her grandson to help others with his talent just like the LIVE-IT volunteers helped her. We agree and pray we were an example to him with the clean-up, and believe that 0ne day Peter will join us in LIVING IT FORWARD.

Penny using her gifts of cleaning and organizing.

Cleaning Grace's kitchen.

Carpet before cleaning.

Removing all the stains.


LIVING-IT Class of 5/22/10

The Saturday LIVE-IT Crew.


Mr Tucker's lawn mower is broken and his grass is in need of cutting.

After surgery and weeks of recovery Mr Tucker's has not been able to care for his lawn.

Mowing 3 acres.

Sizing up the weeds.

Removing the tears.

Evaluating Mr. Tuckers broken lawnmower.

Mowing continues...

Mr. Tucker's mower under repair.

At the same time in another part of town…


Painting crew ready to help Jim and Sharon. (See Blog: Project this Saturday, May 22)

Cleaning the work site.

Our professional painter supervisior taping.

The painting begins.

Starting the trim

Painting the trim.

Ed's afraid of heights...NOT!

Preparing to roll.

Painting renewal.

Some finishing touches.

At the same time in Jim and Sharon’s basement garage…


Although Jim's alternator failed, his neighbors didn't.

Working to get at the part.

And still another part of town

Packing up kitchen to prepare for kitchen floor repair.

only 2 ladies to pack out a kitchen.

Wrapping up the day

…The harvest is so great, but the workers are so few.

Matthew 9:37

Will you respond to the call?

We need 50 volunteers to help this coming Saturday, May 29 with our largest project yet. Our neighbor (The Taylor’s) need our help.

The Taylor Family

We will be removing debris from approx 1 acre of yard and removing clutter from a 2 car garage and several rooms in the home.

Planning meeting for the Taylor Project will be this coming Thursday May 27 from 6:30 to 7:30 at 707 W. Main Street, Sevierville TN.  (Next to SERVPRO)

(Meal Provided)

Call 865-604-4087 or 865-604-4088 for more information.


Project this Saturday, May 22

Have you LIVED-IT yet?

We have the following project this weekend:

Jim: Needs his house trim painted.

Project: Jim and Sharon live in a brick rancher in Sevierville, TN.  Jim and his son (who is currently living here)  are fighting terminal cancer and their treatments have left them weak and unable to do projects around the house. When we asked Jim what we could do for him he nodded towards his house and said, “I’ve been trying to get to my trim but I just don’t have the strength.” We can help with that Jim.

Number of volunteers needed: 8 Some work on ladders will be necessary.

Start time: 9:00 am  Finish time: Approx. 3:00 pm


Would you like to help us with the cost of this project?

5 Gallons trim paint at $100.00                                                                                                                                               6 brushes at $10.00 per brush

Upcoming LIVE-IT Meeting

Thursday, May 19, 2010

6:30 to 7:30 PM

707 W. Main Street, Seveirville, TN 37862

Meal Provided


Power wash priority

Stan and Debbie LIVING-IT with Jim and Sharon

We all have our priorities…

But LIVE-IT is about placing our neighbors priorities over our own. Stan and Debbie powered up the power washer for the first time this year to knock the pollen off their home when they received the call. Although Stan and Debbie have never met Jim and Sharon, they have a something in common. Jim and Sharon have a need, and Stan and Debbie have a way to meet it. Jim has been sick and undergoing aggressive treatment. There are projects around the house that he just hasn’t felt well enough to complete. Instead of doing their own home, they loaded the power washer and spent half of their Saturday loving their neighbor. Way to LIVE-IT Stan and Debbie!

Before: The grey paint makes the patio slippery when wet.

Debbie listens.

Power washing off the slippery surface.

Jim observes Stan's technique.


The completed work.

Fire-Flood-Life Restoration


Alan (left) and Jim with SERVPRO Sevier County and West Knoxville

God works in wonderful ways. And one of them has been through Alan, owner of SERVPRO Sevier, Jefferson, and Cocke Counties. Alan has been a regular at LIVE-IT projects since project one. The relationship between SERVPRO and LIVE-IT has been a blessing. SERVPRO restores buildings of all sorts back to new after fire and water damage has occurred and LIVE-IT is in the life restoration business. Through Alan we had the opportunity to meet Jim, the owner of several SERVPRO franchises in the Knoxville area. God is doing things that we could have never imagined. Thanks Alan and Jim for your desire to restore homes and people back to the way their creator intended.

3 Project Weekend

From roofs to gardens and finally stacking wood…

There is no such thing as a small project. Just ask those who have the need.

Monica –

Monika has water coming into her home.

Ed inspecting Monika's roof.

Ed talking about the one that got away.

Locating potential problems.

Hole in roof located.

Repairing the hole.

Preparing the gutters for cleaning.

Ed with Monika the home owner. Thank You.

Don and Edna –

A garden needs tilling.

Kyle is ready to move some dirt.

A 20 something guy tilling a garden on a Saturday...Wow

It's not Kyles garden.

...and he's not doing it for his grandparents

matter of fact he's never met Don and Edna.

But they're his neighbor...and that's all that matters.

Thank's for LIVING-IT Kyle.

Dixie –

Dixie needs wood.

A great opportunity to LIVE-IT

With a little help from her neighbors.

Dixie is loved...

We will be discussing upcoming LIVE-IT projects in Tennessee this Thursday, May 13, 2010 @ 6:30 p to 7:30 p.

707 W. Main Street, Sevierville TN.   865-604-4088

When nothing else seems to help…Paint

Telling someone you care doesn’t require words…

It’s hard to hear. Sitting on Jim’s front porch in the late afternoon we listen to this past welder by occupation, a man who always took care of his business and his home, tell us he just doesn’t have the strength any longer. Jim, and his son have both been recently diagnosed with terminal cancer. In a few short weeks since receiving the diagnosis and starting chemotherapy, his strength is gone. When we asked what we can do, he points to the trim of his well maintained brick rancher. “I need to paint my trim, but I just can’t do it now”. Jim has a new paint spraying system that he wants to donate to LIVE-IT. It’s our pleasure to use it on your house first.

Thanks Jim and Sharon for allowing us to serve.

Our friend Jim

Sanding and painting needed

Can't be afraid of heights.

Charles (Dutie) with Sharon (Jim's wife) and Terri

Project: Leonard Home

Skills Needed: Prep work and painting.

Approximate cost of project: $250 (Note: LIVE-IT project donations go to fund the entire mission of LIVE-IT)

A little help with cleaning

Ms. George needs some help with cleaning

A great place to start giving…

Thank You Ms. George for providing us with an opportunity to serve. Ms. George needs her carpets cleaned and her kitchen cleaned. Ms. George has mobility challenges and can’t spend much time on her feet. Can you help?

Carpet needs spot treatment and cleaning

Terri talks with Grace

Project Name: George Home

Volunteers Needed: Cleaners for counters / Carpet Cleaner

Equipment: Carpet Cleaner / Kitchen Cleaning Products

Approximate cost of project: $70 (Note: All LIVE-IT project donations go to fund the entire mission of LIVE-IT)

For more information call: 865-604-4088  email:

First Project in Alabama

Ms. Whitten

Thank you again Ms. Whitten for providing an opportunity for men and women in the Hollywood Alabama area to LIVE-IT. We will be looking forward to those with the talents and skills that are necessary to get your house back in tip top shape coming forward to serve. I want to thank Steven Wilson and those in Scottsboro who have already decided to LIVE-IT. If you want to volunteer your time, equipment, or money for this project please call Terri at 865-604-4088.

Sink leaking and creating mold.

Subfloor around toilet needs replacing

Steven, Ms. Whitten, and Terri

Project Name: Whitten Home

Skills Needed: Carpentry / Plumbing / Painting / Mold Abatement /

Equipment: Pressure Washer

Cost of Project: Undetermined

For more information call: 865-604-4087 E-mail: