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Help for Single Mom of Three

A single Mom with 3 young boys who has made a life of giving is now giving others the opportunity to be blessed.  15 Volunteers showed up this past Saturday to help a single mom of three who had nowhere else to turn. Sharon, a single mother of 3 boys has been quietly enduring plumbing leaks, sewer backups, mold, and a variety of needed maintenance issues as she struggled to work to support her family and keep food on the table. This past Thursday Sharon received news that her father was seriously ill and the doctors were concerned he may not live long. Sharon was with her dad when he passed away. Among all the sadness, back at her home in Sevierville a group of volunteers were demonstrating their love for Sharon and her 3 boys in a way that flowers and a sympathy card could never accomplish.

The Need:

Evaluating the need. Sharon in foreground.

Sewage leak from upstairs bathroom

Sewer pump not working and backing up into the house.

Deck unsupported where it connects to home.

Lattice work not supported (needs rails)

Gate to steps

Swing not anchored.

The Team:

LIVE-IT Class of April 24, 2010

Wonderful Servants of SERVPRO "The Mold is Gone"

The Results:

Repairing the sewage leak.

Opening enlarged for repair

New Pipe Fitted.

Ceiling Repair

Repairing the deck

Repairing the deck railing

Ensuring the deck is safe for the kids

A new gate in the works

The swing set was repaired and stabilized.

And then, all kinds of things started to happen…

A flower planter was repaired and stained

Trip hazards removed

Leaks under the sink repaired

The kitchen was deep cleaned...Thanks Cindy and Robin

Faucets and drains replaced...Alan the energizer plumber.

Lawns were mowed

Weeds got wacked... 14 Year Old Matthew Loves Serving Others

Cindy tackled the tough jobs

Told You

Carpets were cleaned...Thanks Robin

Even the throw rugs

Flowers planted

And now waiting for Sharon and the boys.

What happens in Vegas…

Well we just returned from a couple of weddings in Las Vegas and I’m about to shatter a well established myth. What happens in Vegas does not stay in Vegas…“I’m about to blab.” I won’t bore you with the details of our wedding stories, although being able to walk my youngest daughter down the isle after not being in her life for many, many years was wonderful…God’s Grace! However, I do feel compelled to share our experience going to church on Sunday in what many consider “Sin City.” (By the way I don’t subscribe to that label…I think there are plenty of other cities and towns that would give Vegas a run for it’s money) Now, back to church. Through the invite of friends, we attended Central Christian Church in Henderson. A mega church with over 10,000 attending every weekend. The Senior Pastor Jud Wilhite spoke on Amazing Grace and then finished up the service with talk about a new book he wrote called Uncensored Truth, A NO-SPIN guide to the Christian Faith. After reading the book I would recommend it to new believer or seasoned veteran of the faith. It’s powerful in it’s simplicity. And frankly, I think many of us could benefit from getting back to the ABC’s of what Jesus told us was most important: “Love your neighbor as Yourself.” I will shamelessly (and that’s the uncensored truth) end with a excerpt from the book that drives the whole ministry model of LIVE-IT.

LIVE OUT // Everyone of us is given spiritual gifts. We are called to use these gifts to serve… Just as there are many different people, so there are many different gifts. With our gifts we act as integral parts of the body, each contributing to the health and wholeness of the community. Some are gifted to be hands, others, ears, eyes, and legs. Some may even be a knee pits or whatever that space is between the nose and the upper lip. But none of us are better or worse than another, and all of us are necessary to make the body what it is. When we do not use our gifts in service to the church and the glory of God, we commit both the act of selfishness and an act of theft in withholding something our community needs. On the other hand, when we submit our gift to the usefulness of the community and service to Christ, we paradoxically find ourselves fulfilled as God is glorified.

And that my friend is the TRUTH! Looking forward to seeing you at an upcoming Thursday night meeting.

Love You…Paul

Paul and Terri at Central Christian Church in Las Vegas.

Last minute piano movers

When Jesus said “the greatest love is shown when people lay down their lives for their friends”, he didn’t necessarily mean that they would take a bullet for them, although that would certainly qualify. Let me give you a modern day example:

A call is made at 2:00 p.m. to a young man working at a garage. He is informed of a situation concerning a single mom that may lose a piano that she owned because it’s too heavy to move. The piano must be out of her old apartment by the end of the day or she may lose it. She has no other place to turn other than to strangers for help. The young man may have plans but it doesn’t matter, the single mom’s needs surpass his own. He is willing to lay down his life, his needs, his wants, for hers.

I want to thank the six young, men who at a moment’s notice, dropped what they were doing to help someone in need. Thanks guys for “LIVING-IT”.

5 Projects…1 Saturday

If you every wondered what love thy neighbor looks like…

A mobil miracle

Construction trailer with every tool imaginable given for LIVE-IT use.

This is why we, “Need It”

Four days ago we were in need of it… now it’s a reality, a construction trailer completely stocked with every tool imaginable for the ministry’s use. God makes it clear in his word..Ask. (John 15:16)

That’s why we have added the tab to our website “Need It.” If we are going to serve those in need, then we’ll need the proper tools to accomplish the task. I want to thank Chris and Shannon for LIVING -IT, as well as everyone else who in the last few months picked up a rake or a shovel, crawled on their hands and knees to clean floors, volunteered or made meals to feed volunteers, written a support check or purchased a much needed item, etc. The rest of John 15:16 says: “You didn’t choose me. I chose you. I appointed you to go and produce fruit that will last, so that the Father will give you whatever you ask for, using my name.” 17: I command you to love each other.” and you certainly have. Thanks again for LIVING-IT.

New Hope for Monika

Dan and Mike from New Hope Church of God bring Monika their talents and a new window from Pella.

New Pella Widow. Thanks Pella!

Out with the old.

It's looks easy when you know what your doing.

In with the new.

Great Job Guys…Thanks for LIVING-IT.  1 Peter 4:10

Matt learning about LIVING-IT

Matt a musician and youth leader at his church learns about LIVE-IT.

It’s exciting to witness God bringing young people to the forefront of LIVE-IT in Alabama. A month ago we met Steven, a Johnson Bible School Grad, who is willing to step out and lead LIVE-IT in the Scottsboro area. We met Pastor Jim with Ridgedale Baptist Church on our last visit to Alabama and discussed a possible LIVE-IT kick off concert. We have been praying that the LORD lead that movement if that’s the direction He wants us to go. Since then we’ve met several musicians that love the LORD and want to help others LIVE-IT.

Thanks Matt for your enthusiasm and desire to make a difference.