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“FILMING IT” in Florida

Gary being interviewed.

The story of a homeless man who gave without any expectation of a return is being filmed in Fernandina Beach, Florida Thursday and Friday of this week. This is an amazing story of Gary, a homeless man who listened to two strangers tell him he needed to give unconditionally instead of continuing to expect others to keep giving to him.

In 12 days Gary (through) LIVING-IT-FORWARD moved from a tarp in the woods to a 3 bedroom 2 bath condo on the beach.

Gary standing in the woods where he lived.

More important, Gary now has a church family that surrounds him and encourages him daily. This is what we’re all called to do. Place others before ourselves. When we do this wonderful things happen to us that we could never control on our own. If you don’t believe it…just ask Gary.

“The rest of the story”, February 20th project

My apologies for the delay in getting “the rest of the story” to you but the website experience a hacker (Ephesians 6:12) and that slowed this post from yesterday to today.

What is the rest of the story?

As you have already seen by the Saturday Evening Post (pun intended), an elderly man who was living in less than desirable conditions was helped by a group of strangers with no hidden agenda or motives. The reason for this act of kindness was simply to serve as an example.

An example of what to whom?  I’m so glad you asked. If we look closely at the people involved in this project this is what we’ll see:

  • All had different talents.
  • All came to unconditionally serve.
  • Not all attend the same church.
  • All were going to LIVE their faith through action.

Because these volunteers were open to what God had planned for that day instead of what was written on a spreadsheet, Mr Curtis’s home was de-cluttered and…

  • A significant amount of cleaning occurred.
  • All his laundry was washed and folded.
  • A new subfloor was installed in his living area and kitchen.
  • New carpeting was installed in his living area.
  • A new vinyl flooring was installed in his kitchen.
  • A new handicapped  toilet was installed.

Twelve hours after the first volunteers rolled up to Mr Curtis’s home this amazing work of God was completed. The “church” showed up that day, and all who attended went home with the same question…who’s next?

LIVE-IT > All Christian Churches > All People > All the time.

It’s confirmed…It’s GREATER to GIVE!

Part of the group with Mr Curtis

A new place to call “Home”

Today, Saturday February 20th 2010, 17 people set out to de-clutter an 85 year old mans home. 12 hours later, a man had a new home, and 17 people lived the word of God. Due to the late hour and what seems like hundreds of pictures to review, I will post the following photos with a promise to place more on the blog on Monday.

Before today

After today

20 attended the second “LOTB” Meeting

Thanks to all of you who attended the “LIVE Out of the Box” Meeting in Seymour on the 19th of February. Several churches we in attendance and we are looking forward to our de-clutter project on Saturday the 20th. After tomorrow we should be able to bring you the results of the LIVE-IT volunteers working to improve the living conditions of a sweet 85 year old man. God Bless and Goodnight.

First “Live Out Of The Box” Meeting

Second one is tomorrow at the Danis home in Seymour.

A BIG Thank you to John and Jackie for hosting the very first LIVE out of the box meeting in Sevierville. Terri and I also want to thank all of you…and you know who you are, that came to hear how a new ministry called LIVE-IT is going to operate. LOVE those who don’t know LOVE was the focus of the meeting, and a special thanks to the key note speaker Attila the Hun. Curious…Good, coming to a home near you. God Bless.

Volunteers needed for a clean sweep

Here is an opportunity to serve , really serve.

Edward celebrated his 85th birthday today. Celebrate is not really a good word for it. When we arrived at his broken down and excessively cluttered single wide trailer this afternoon, we found him sitting in the dark with the only light coming from a wall heater glowing orange. Inside there are a variety of unpleasant odors and visual chaos. No judgement, just the need to rally around this older widower and help him live in a comfortable environment. If you would like to help us help Edward get uncluttered please go to our Work It page and fill out the online volunteer form. Thank you in advance.

Edward sits among clutter

Terri and Mike talk with Edward.

Clutter in the kitchen

The first act of service. Hair we go…

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A day with Habitat for Humanity

I want to thank the Ropers and Habitat for Humanity for letting me crash their building party. What an experience, and what a wonderful organization. The Ropers are the new owners of the home that Habitat is building just north of the city. Thanks again Habitat for Living IT.

If “we” build it they will come.

I want to thank my friend Jim who today spoke wisdom into me by telling me that those who desire to truly LIVE-IT, want to be updated daily as we strive to LIVE-IT. Thanks again Jim, I will do my best to update the passionate few who may be checking this site regularly. God is working in amazing ways and he’s doing it right here in Sevier County. As we continue to meet with those who have called us inquiring about what this “ministry” is about, we are amazed (although I don’t know why) at the response of those of you who want to volunteer to help. I’m also encouraged by the response we’ve received from the senior center “thanks Lisa and Michelle”, and other ministries and church’s who are excited about empowering the poor. If “we” build it they will come, and we will teach them to give, and they’ll be blessed!

Over the past two days we have visited two homes that are in need of repairs. Both projects will require volunteers with skills in carpentry, plumbing, painting, lifting and organizing. I would love to hear from those of you who have a desire to be involved in these first two projects. I’ll keep you updated on the details.

Bless you LIVITES.

“Sunshine” an upcoming project.

Moments with "Sunshine"

Edna “Sunshine” as her friends call her, is in need of help. She lives in the downtown area of Sevierville in a small home with several maintenance problems. We need plumbers and handy men to volunteer for an upcoming project to repair her home. We have two young men who have volunteered to help and need strong spiritual fathers to guide them with an hammer. We’ll keep you posted.