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Mary’s House Volunteers

Thanks again to all those who made Mary’s House a reality. Here’s lots of pictures from start to finish.

Site discussion prior to footers.

Mary with granddaughter, poured footers visable behind Mary.

As construction begins, there are still many reminders of what happened on April 27th.

Foundation begins. Many local masons show up to "Love Their Neighbor".

Mayor of Pisgah helped build Mary's foundation.

Floor system built on the 26th to prepare for framers.

The Rock Interns cover Mary's home in "The Word". Talk about building on a firm foundation.

Framing crew from Sevier County, TN worked throughout the day.

As the sun goes down...

The framers continued to work.

Sevier County Framing Crew with Mary.

This mare that was pregnant and injured during the tornados (Scar on her neck) gave birth to this colt during the project.

Working on the chimmney.

Thumbs up to RSC rentals who furnished equipment for Mary's house.

Preparing to work on the outside of the house.

And the inside.

More inside work, or praying.

Love to see the young volunteers get involved.

Photo op.

Checking plans with the GC.

Preparing to side the house.

Owners of Servpro in Sevier County, TN help build Mary's house.

God Blessed this project with "GREAT" volunteers.

Sizing up the job.


Senior Pastor of the Rock FWC Scottsboro, Greg DeVries (In Tractor) "Living It"

Taking a quick break, must be hot in that black shirt.

Getting ready to install the siding.

Working on the metal flashing.

Siding being cut.

front of house.

Over 165 volunteers helped with Mary's house.

Quick break while waiting on materials.

Johnson Heating and Air. Great Job!!

Running the duct work under the house.

Back inside the house work progresses.

Sanding windows.

Some volunteers asked for the day off so they could help with Mary's house.

Thanks to Mark at HIS Landscaping for working so hard to get the outside of Mary's house so beautiful.

and our green thumb volunteers.

Lots of landscaping work.

HIS Landscapes even brought in sod to create a beautiful yard for Mary.

Volunteers came up with great ideas. Like planting a herb garden.

The sod goes down...

...and so does Mark (just for a moment)

finishing up at the back door.

Awesome job by Giffords Home Improvement. Thanks for doing a great job on the guttering.

Finishing the gutters.

Finishing up the vinyl.

Thanks for using your gifts Senator McGill.

Two "very" public servants: Chris Woods (L-Mayor of Pisgah) Shadrach McGill (R-Alabama State Senator)

Meanwhile back inside...

Problems are being solved.

Friday, September 2, 2011: Mary to arrive at 6:00 p.m.



The colt is up earily.

So are some of our volunteers.

Cleaning up the area.

Making sure everything is painted

Making sure everything is ready.

With Mary coming in just an hour or so, everyone is making sure her house is finished. Thanks First Baptist Scottsboro for Mary’s furniture.

Mary arrives to the applause of over 100 of the volunteers who helped build her house.

Pure and lasting religion in the sight of God our Father means that we must care for orphans and widows in their troubles, and refuse to let the world corrupt us.  James 1:27

Mary’s Home Dedicated This Evening

If you support the mission of LIVE-IT, or… have worked on Mary’s House, or…have given to help us rebuild this Widow’s home, You’re Invited!  Between 5:30 and 6:00 pm on Friday, September 2nd Mary will be coming home to see her Brand New Home for the FIRST TIME. We are inviting everyone to this “Move That Bus” moment, as Mary will not only see and walk through her new home, but also meet the volunteers that have been building it for the past 7 days. Call 865-604-4088 for directions to get to the home dedication that will start ay 5:30 pm. After the short dedication there will be BBQ and a concert on the grounds. Thanks again to the all of you who made Mary’s prayer a miracle. Here are some photos from the build.

Mary’s home takes shape in 3 days.

It’s amazing the progress that’s been made on Mary’s home in the last three days (Video Below). But what has truly been inspiring is to witness the day to day activities of the men and women who come to Mary’s property with one singular purpose, to help someone who needs their help. Or as the Bible says: To Love Your Neighbor As Yourself. In 3 days we have had about 100 volunteers show up to use their gifts and talents to help a widow in her troubles (James 1:27). May God Bless their hands, he has obviously already blessed their hearts. My favorite part of the video is the look on Mary’s face when she sees her new home framed up and taking shape. “Priceless!!” Click on this link to watch video:



Mary’s Storm Video: Widow clings to hope, after losing everything in tornado..

3 ways you can help rebuild Mary’s home.

1. Volunteer. Go to and click “Sign-up to Live-It”.

Place “Mary’s Home” in comments section.

2. An additional $12,000 needs to be raised prior to construction. Send your tax deductable donation to:

Mail: LIVE-IT Ministries, P.O. Box 416, Seymour TN 37865

Online: (Click)  Give (Click) Sponsor a project.

3. Forward this post to a friend.

In the path of a disaster.

DeKalb County, AL : There is a popular saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. The following pictures were taken today, seven days after killer tornadoes criss-crossed the state of Alabama. It’s time to “Love Our Neighbors”, Tennessee.

Meeting with Pastor Joe (The Rock Church) to learn how LIVE-IT can help.

Home in the path of the tornado.

A common sight. Many trees on homes.

Trailer home flipped on it's roof.

Power lines down across roads.

Truck about 100 ft from where home was...

...home site.

In Rainsville:

The path of an F5 tornado travels through town.

Rainsville Coliseum in background and what was the Huddle House to the left.

Five individuals lost their lives when tornado hit this Huddle House.



Planning the first “Love Your Neighborhood Project”

On a Thursday morning four volunteers meet in the parking lot of a McDonalds in Sevierville, TN. All four have one thing in common and it’s not the black T-shirts they’re wearing. Each have a special talent that they’re about to use to help neighbors they don’t know and have never met. These neighbors live 3 1/2 hours south in Scottsboro, AL. This “Love Your Neighbor Road Trip” actually started weeks before when LIVE-IT received a call from Sheila Washington of the Scottsboro Boys Museum asking for help. A house had been donated to the museum and needed lots of work to make it livable for an 80 year old widow who lost her home in a flood last August. After meeting with Sheila and visiting the house and neighborhood, it became clear that the “harvest” was greater than just providing a widow a place to call her own. We observed  a neighborhood of need in all directions. After discussing what we observed with the LIVITES in Sevier County, TN God began to work in the hearts of those who “Love Their Neighbors” in TN, to now “Love Their Neighbors” in AL.  And so our four LIVITES begin their journey to sow their talents into lives in Alabama.  The photos below were taken over the past 2 days and chronicle the first steps that will go into the first “Love Your Neighborhood” project…God willing

LIVE-IT Operations Group arrive in Scottsboro and grab lunch. They are from Left to Right: Terri Danis (Intake), Marci Claude (Media), John Ouellette (LIVE-IT County Manager), Don Loher (Operations), Jon Hawker (Construction Liaison)

LIVE-IT Team learns about the Scottsboro Boys during their visits to the museum.

Arriving at the project house. The home has been unoccupied for some time.

The house will require significant repairs to the outside of the structure.

The house is throughly evaluated to prepare a budget for upcoming project fundraising.

Many repairs will be required inside the house as well in order to provide a safe environment for our neighbor.

In addition to evaluating the house for repairs. The team walks the neighborhood to determine additional needs.

Stopping along the way to talk with our neighbors.

And beginning to develop relationships. Here the team meets Meagan, walking home from work. We found out her talent is telling people what to do. A "leader" in the making.

The team meets at the Comfort Inn (256-259-8700) to discuss the days findings. Joining the LIVE-IT team is Pastor Joe from The ROCK church in Scottsboro and Michelle the General Manager of the Hotel to plan for incoming teams of volunteers.

Members of the first "Love Your Neighborhood" planning group.

The next day…

The Mayor of Scottsboro (Melton Potter) welcomes LIVE-IT and further encourages the mission of "Loving Our Neighbors" in Scottsboro.

God leads LIVE-IT to a divine appointment with Scottsboro's Chief of Police (Ralph Dawes)

In every meeting throughout the day, LIVE-IT met with unanimous support. Pictured here is Scottsboro Councilman, Gary Speers, with LIVE-IT founders, Paul and Terri Danis.

Three moving moments

Three widows, two in Tennessee and one in Alabama needed help. And thanks to the following volunteers (pictured) and project sponsors, we were able to give them the helping hands they needed. But more than just moving “stuff”, new friends were made and relationships established. Also, we witnessed God opening doors to new relationships with future church, business, and non-profit partners. “The Families Growing”.

Debra L. (Tennessee)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Project: Moving from Knoxville to Sevierville. Project Sponsor: First Baptist Church Seymour Debra needed help moving from Knoxville to Sevierville. Thanks to all who responded to our neighbor Debra’s need.

Debra's neighbors arrive to move her.



and packing the truck.


and younger...


under God!

to "Love Our Neighbor Debra"

Blanche C. and Kristi C. (Alabama)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Project: Moving a storage container from Gurley to Fyffe AL. Project Sponsor: Scenic Realty, Scottsborro, AL. A storage container needed to be emptied and the contents moved. LIVE-IT was not able to find a truck to move the contents of the storage unit. While driving, a truck was spotted in the parking lot of Scenic Realty and Auction. After a quick introduction Scenic Realty gave LIVE-IT the keys to the truck. Thank You God, and thank you Scenic Realty for “loving your neighbor”.

New business to LIVE-IT

The truck God provided.

Good start.

The packing starts

The work progresses.

Posing in the now enpty storage unit.

Our neighbor Blanche and Kristi.

Delynn G. (Tennessee)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Project: Helping Widow Clean Garage and Remove Donated Items. Project Sponsor: The LORD’s Child. Monday was Presidents Day and another opportunity to “Love Our Neighbors”.


Lots to be done.

Lots of activity

Volunteers from all backgrounds showed up to help.

Taking a quick break.

The group

LIVE-IT Updates – July Month In Review

So much is happening in LIVE-IT that it is often difficult for me to keep the blog updated. My apologies for the delay in getting all of the wonderful and exciting news of the comings and goings of all who our joining the ranks of those committed to Living God’s word. July was an exciting month for the ministry and here is the proof of it…God Bless You All!

As you may recall the month started out with trips to Jackson County, Alabama, Gulf Shores, and the Detroit area to look for opportunities to infect others with the contagious need to “Love our Neighbors”.

The community is learning about LIVE-IT and more projects are being called into the ministry in Sevier County, TN. Like Ms. Collyar

Ms. Collyar who has no air conditioner and plumbing problems welcomes LIVE-IT volunteers into her home.

7-7-2010: Our first donated mobile home. One of our contractors evaluates the exterior.

Bill's story of how LIVE-IT touched his life is told in the July "Out of the Box" Newsletter.

7-15-2010: LIVE-IT Jackson County, Alabama kicks off in the conference room of SERVPRO of Jackson and DeKalb Counties.

Carpeting-Painting-Tiling-Toilets- What do you do when so much needs to be repaired? LIVE-IT Volunteers responded to the need for help.

Old Carpeting Removed

Padding being removed and walls prepared for painting.

At the same time some where across town…

A group of carpenters, plumbers, electricians gather in a widows home to repair her kitchen floor.

The old floor is removed.

Kitchen counters and plumbing must come out.

Old floor in poor condition

Other Projects:

Helping a neighbor with new flooring.

LIVE-IT Team helps paint and install new flooring.

New flooring for kitchen.

Looks great!

A new day…a new group of LIVITES.

Painting the trim.

Repairing some plumbing issues.


More trim painting

Homeowners and LIVE-IT Volunteers work together.

Toilets need to be re-seated.

July 29th –  Jackson County, Alabama

Jackson County Chamber of Commerce Meeting. LIVE-IT Introduced to many local businesses.

LIVE-IT meeting at Jackson County SERVPRO.

Michelle (L) - General Manager of the Comfort Inn in Scottsboro, AL. will be the new host home for future LIVE-IT Meetings in Jackson County. Thank You Comfort Inn & Suites.

More to come…

LIVE-IT Updates 6.25.10 to 7.2.10

During this past week…

LIVE-IT to start in Jackson County, Alabama

6.26.10 – From the first LIVE-IT project on February 22 to the current date, LIVE-IT partnered with SERVPRO of Sevier County, TN to help those in need. So it seemed a natural thing to do when LIVE-IT rolled into Jackson County (Scottsboro, AL) to stop by the local SERVPRO franchise and tell them about LIVE-IT. Thank you for the warm reception, we look forward to working with SERVPRO of Jackson County as we come together to love our neighbors in Northern Alabama.

6.25.10 Meeting with Jackson and DeKalb County SERVPRO.

6.27.10 – Dixie, who has been serving others through LIVE-IT and making meals for LIVE-IT volunteers gets her kitchen floor repaired. Dixie’s kitchen floor was so uneven that she had to level her refrigerator with a block of wood.

Dixie's kitchen floor sinking.

Dixie with Marvn (Contractor) discussing repairs.

The floor repair team

Removing old floor and evaluating the problem.

Replacing the plumbing as they go.

Going deep.

Replacing the subfloor.

Ready for new surface.

Phase 1 completed.

6.28.10 – Jackson County, AL. The Rock Church in Scottsboro, AL learns about LIVE-IT.

The Rock Church, Scottsboro AL

Upcoming: Will Detroit LIVE-IT?

SERVING far from home.

30 in Birmingham youth group show up to make a difference.

When the Taylor’s project started several weeks ago we knew many volunteers would be working on the project. But no one could have imagined the distance God would bring them. Thanks for LIVING-IT.

Yard transformation team with the Taylor's.

The need:

THE NEED: Remove clutter and debris from 1 acre of yard.

THE NEED: Remove tall grass and weeds from property.

THE NEED: More de-cluttering needed.

THE NEED: Wood material needs to be stacked to burn.

THE NEED: Garden area needs attention.

Preparing for the project:

The group preparing to serve.

Quick picture at cabin before trip to the Taylor's.

At the project site:

Arriving at the Taylor's.

Lunch before the work starts.

Eating lunch before the rain comes.

Storm rolls in shortly after team arrives.

Inside the Taylor's waiting out the storm.

Sky begins to clear and God lowered the outside temp for team.

The work begins.

Knocking down the weeds.

Broken swing being disassembled.

Others prepare to clear debris.


Removing scrap metal.

Hauling and sorting the debris.

Broken swing coming down.

Slide removal.

Was that a spider?

They grow-em big in Tennessee.

The work proceeds, cautiously.

Getting it done.

Removing a broken bench.

Tall brush continues to fall.

Front entry garden starts to take shape.

An amazing transformation is taking place.

Cleaning up.

All the trimmings.

What a difference!

Great Job Team!!

The Yard Transformation Team.

Keep checking back…We will be adding additional photos of the completed work as they come in. LIVE-IT would like to thank Reed, Patrick and the entire group from Bluff Park United Methodist Church in Birmingham, AL.

Keep on LIVING-IT.