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New Video Magazine

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Fire-Flood-Life Restoration


Alan (left) and Jim with SERVPRO Sevier County and West Knoxville

God works in wonderful ways. And one of them has been through Alan, owner of SERVPRO Sevier, Jefferson, and Cocke Counties. Alan has been a regular at LIVE-IT projects since project one. The relationship between SERVPRO and LIVE-IT has been a blessing. SERVPRO restores buildings of all sorts back to new after fire and water damage has occurred and LIVE-IT is in the life restoration business. Through Alan we had the opportunity to meet Jim, the owner of several SERVPRO franchises in the Knoxville area. God is doing things that we could have never imagined. Thanks Alan and Jim for your desire to restore homes and people back to the way their creator intended.

What happens in Vegas…

Well we just returned from a couple of weddings in Las Vegas and I’m about to shatter a well established myth. What happens in Vegas does not stay in Vegas…“I’m about to blab.” I won’t bore you with the details of our wedding stories, although being able to walk my youngest daughter down the isle after not being in her life for many, many years was wonderful…God’s Grace! However, I do feel compelled to share our experience going to church on Sunday in what many consider “Sin City.” (By the way I don’t subscribe to that label…I think there are plenty of other cities and towns that would give Vegas a run for it’s money) Now, back to church. Through the invite of friends, we attended Central Christian Church in Henderson. A mega church with over 10,000 attending every weekend. The Senior Pastor Jud Wilhite spoke on Amazing Grace and then finished up the service with talk about a new book he wrote called Uncensored Truth, A NO-SPIN guide to the Christian Faith. After reading the book I would recommend it to new believer or seasoned veteran of the faith. It’s powerful in it’s simplicity. And frankly, I think many of us could benefit from getting back to the ABC’s of what Jesus told us was most important: “Love your neighbor as Yourself.” I will shamelessly (and that’s the uncensored truth) end with a excerpt from the book that drives the whole ministry model of LIVE-IT.

LIVE OUT // Everyone of us is given spiritual gifts. We are called to use these gifts to serve… Just as there are many different people, so there are many different gifts. With our gifts we act as integral parts of the body, each contributing to the health and wholeness of the community. Some are gifted to be hands, others, ears, eyes, and legs. Some may even be a knee pits or whatever that space is between the nose and the upper lip. But none of us are better or worse than another, and all of us are necessary to make the body what it is. When we do not use our gifts in service to the church and the glory of God, we commit both the act of selfishness and an act of theft in withholding something our community needs. On the other hand, when we submit our gift to the usefulness of the community and service to Christ, we paradoxically find ourselves fulfilled as God is glorified.

And that my friend is the TRUTH! Looking forward to seeing you at an upcoming Thursday night meeting.

Love You…Paul

Paul and Terri at Central Christian Church in Las Vegas.

The buck stops with GOD…

So, I’m at Starbucks talking with Dave Luther and God drops smmething into my heart so clearly that I simply interrupt Dave mid-sentence to tell him what God has shown me. To put into context what I was about to repeat to Dave, we had planned Tuesday to spend all day at Starbucks today working on the “Gary” Documentary. Not God’s plan. This morning when I woke and tried turning on my laptop, it kept failing to boot up. I’ve never had anything like that happen with my laptop so I figured, A. Our enemies are working against my laptop, or, B. God is trying to show us something. I called Dave and we resolved to meet up and continue with the original plan as though there was nothing wrong with my computer; our enemies weren’t going to rattle us with this one. At Starbucks, the first thing we did was of course, PRAY! As the Lord keeps reminding us lately, “The first step is always to pray”. Still, we got no response from the laptop. Upon calling the Apple Customer Service number, the lady suggested a certain step that did not initially work so she scheduled me an appointment at the Apple Store in Knoxville. As soon as I hung up the phone and tried one last time the step that she had suggested, the computer came on. Dave and I sat there in wonder. He said something like, “God is trying to show us something here. Our enemies have nothing to do with this.” We began to talk about a budget in order to get some of the items that we need for future video projects. It was during this conversation, after Paul had stopped by for a short moment and had then left, that the Lord spoke to me. Paul had mentioned us sending him the budget when it was done so that he could take it before the Lord, but the Lord gave me a different order. We’ve said numerous times that God is the one in charge of Live-It but in that moment, it became so clear and so much more relevent. God, in a moment, showed me that He truly is the boss of Live-It as Donald Trump is the boss of the Trump Organization. When I want a raise, I go to God. I don’t go to Paul, or Terri, or Gary, or David, or anyone. In a moment, I saw the great difference between the way Live-It is run, and the way any other ministry up to this point has been run. If I were Pastor of a church and I was being a terrible steward of the flock entrusted to me, then the flock would suffer because of what God has entrusted to my care. There would be a hungry and parched flock under my care. But with Live-It, if I, or Paul, or anyone lays there hand on the flock, the flock will not suffer because God is the shepherd. The one that will suffer will be the one who interferes. It has to be this way with Live-It because of the massive way in which God wants to expand this ministry. If I were an employee of Donald Trump, I would need to go to him if I had a request. As a part of Live-It, I am God’s employee, therefore, I go directly to Him. There will be people in China who have just as a direct contact to the boss of Live-It as I do here in the states. It is this way for His glory, not ours. He’s tired of not recieving the glory from the church. This thing will quickly outgrow you and I here in the southeast, trust me, or better yet, trust Him. Ask Him, He’ll tell you. This thing is bigger than Paul, Terri, Joseph, David, Gary, or any other person. If I have a need or request, I need to deal directly with the “boss man” who in this case is God. Therefore, I will be submitting my budget to Him first and not to Paul. I’ve already discussed it with him and he’s in agreement. The laptop was God’s way of saying, “Hey, I’m the boss and all the equipment is mine!”

Seeds carried to South Carolina


From the beginning LIVE-IT has been about changing lives through loving and serving others. We also have known (from the beginning) that the greatest impact would be made by todays youth and young adults. Recently Terri and I had the privilege of hosting 10 college students for spring break from Anderson University in Anderson, South Carolina. After telling Micah (one of the 10) about Gary and how God lead us into the ministry, he asked if he could get the group together and pray for us and the ministry. Before long all 10 were sitting with us in our living room praying and hearing more about how God is moving. God is so wonderfully confirming when he has you where he wants you. Today they are leaving to go back to school. Terri and I are sad to see them go, but we know that they will all do great things in the kingdom as they LIVE-IT in South Carolina.

LIVING-IT on Spring Break. Our friends from Anderson University.

A ministry or a movement?

Right now hundreds of thousands are waiting for you to change their reality.

I don’t watch TV much because frankly there’s not much on it that’s worth watching. I do know, however, that reality TV seems to be what’s hot these days. Many hurry home each day “past all kinds of reality” to watch dramatized versions of people in singing competitions – choosing the right girl or guy to marry, or maybe not – or just dealing with the realities of staying alive on a tropical island. I shudder to think of the multiplied millions of hours spent in front of TV’s throughout the world as people wait to see which girl he’ll choose or who will be voted off the show. I know…I know.. I need to chill out, there are worse things than watching too much TV, and I agree. But what can be accomplished if we reclaim some of those waisted hours? What if instead of watching someone else’s reality we became active participants in our own or in our neighbors? Here is something that you won’t see anytime soon in Hollywood. What if…we, as a group of bible believing christians, started to get together and helped people who can’t help themselves? It’s already being done you say…extreme makeover right? What if God was glorified instead of a TV network?  Well churches throughout the country are already doing this, right? Yes, but what about those who don’t attend church, should they not learn to give? What about the homeless who we give food and clothing and shelter, don’t they have gifts and talents?

I turn on the news and they ask the question “is the government broken?” Republicans are starting to gain momentum because the voting public is upset at the Democrats not being able to solve all our problems. It’s not the governments job to take care of the poor. It’s ours..the church. Now there is a great concept for a reality show. Christians of all denominations fix homes, help widows, teach and care for orphans,  and kids learn how to serve others instead of themselves.

Casting Call…the great news is that we are ready to start production of this reality program now! God has generously agreed to produce and underwrite the cost. The script has already been written and most everyone already has a copy. If you don’t have one just give us a call and we’ll send one to you. Casting calls will be held in every city and town throughout the United States, and eventually the globe. This reality show will change your life. Interested call us at 865-604-4087 or email

Looking forward to LIVING-IT with you,


Making the rounds with Gary

Bringing Mr. Curtis a coffee maker

Gary’s first day with LIVE-IT.

24 hours after Gary arrived on a greyhound bus from Florida he was out learning about LIVE-IT ministries. First stop was the home of Mr. Curtis to deliver a coffee maker. You may recall Mr. Curtis is the elderly man that 18 volunteers showed up to de-clutter his home on February 20th. The last item that Mr. Curtis needed was a coffee maker to replace the worn out percolator type he had been using. During our recent trip to Alabama at a good friend’s house they asked “Can you use a coffee maker?” and now Mr. Curtis’ project was completed.

Next stop, trees that are threatening an elderly couples home.

Looking at trees about to fall

At the home of Mr and Mrs Poe, we evaluated 5 large pine trees that are about to fall and are leaning towards the couple’s home. The trees were infected by the pine beetle and are now about ready to fall. The couple also has a long gravel drive that needs leveling. The elderly couple have all the tools to do the job they just need the manpower. Gary volunteered his services to help with the driveway. We will be scheduling this project to be completed in the month of March. If anyone know a good tree removal company, don’t be shy.

20 attended the second “LOTB” Meeting

Thanks to all of you who attended the “LIVE Out of the Box” Meeting in Seymour on the 19th of February. Several churches we in attendance and we are looking forward to our de-clutter project on Saturday the 20th. After tomorrow we should be able to bring you the results of the LIVE-IT volunteers working to improve the living conditions of a sweet 85 year old man. God Bless and Goodnight.

First “Live Out Of The Box” Meeting

Second one is tomorrow at the Danis home in Seymour.

A BIG Thank you to John and Jackie for hosting the very first LIVE out of the box meeting in Sevierville. Terri and I also want to thank all of you…and you know who you are, that came to hear how a new ministry called LIVE-IT is going to operate. LOVE those who don’t know LOVE was the focus of the meeting, and a special thanks to the key note speaker Attila the Hun. Curious…Good, coming to a home near you. God Bless.

If “we” build it they will come.

I want to thank my friend Jim who today spoke wisdom into me by telling me that those who desire to truly LIVE-IT, want to be updated daily as we strive to LIVE-IT. Thanks again Jim, I will do my best to update the passionate few who may be checking this site regularly. God is working in amazing ways and he’s doing it right here in Sevier County. As we continue to meet with those who have called us inquiring about what this “ministry” is about, we are amazed (although I don’t know why) at the response of those of you who want to volunteer to help. I’m also encouraged by the response we’ve received from the senior center “thanks Lisa and Michelle”, and other ministries and church’s who are excited about empowering the poor. If “we” build it they will come, and we will teach them to give, and they’ll be blessed!

Over the past two days we have visited two homes that are in need of repairs. Both projects will require volunteers with skills in carpentry, plumbing, painting, lifting and organizing. I would love to hear from those of you who have a desire to be involved in these first two projects. I’ll keep you updated on the details.

Bless you LIVITES.