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Eat, Drink, and Repair a Home

Better than a Groupon or Living Social. Buy one meal and help with a Single Mothers home repairs. Or better yet…Take the family to dinner and repair another families leaking roof. Want to know how???

Today, Thursday, November 21st…After 5 pm go to the Outback Steak House in Sevierville at: 611 Parkway, Sevierville, TN.  LIVE-IT staff will be present to discuss upcoming projects and opportunities to LIVE-IT. Just by eating tonight at the Outback Steakhouse you will be supporting LIVE-IT Projects in the community. So…What..da..ya..say Mate?

Call for more details: 865-604-4087



Frank…the unfolding story

The last post was the Mountain Press article regarding the project for a man who lost his family in a fire, had a traumatic head injury, and was living alone with no one to care for him. ACTUALLY NO! The article was about LIVE-IT and Keep Sevier Beautiful partnering together to clean up his property. But the “REAL STORY” is a man named Frank who is still alone with his two dogs when all the volunteers who came for the day go home. I do want to thank Pathways Church for sponsoring and sending lots of volunteers this past Saturday to Franks home to “make a difference”. At the end of this Saturday’s project day, Frank and I stood on his front porch looking at all had been done. His only question was “Have you found someone to live with me yet”. You see when it all comes down to it, we really don’t need things fixed…we need each other. The photos are below:





LIVE-IT and Keep Sevier Beautiful Partnership

LIVE-IT, Keep Sevier Beautiful work together for common good

From Mountain Press
Oct. 17, 2013 @ 11:08 PM
Clean up

Curt Habraken

William Scheele, left, Laura Howard, James Quick and Joe Mattern clear the area around the house of debris and overgrowth. The clean up is a joint effort between Live-It and Keep Sevier Beautiful.


Maintaining a home and property can often become a burden for the elderly and disabled, especially once repairs, maintenance and daily tasks begin to pile up.

And that’s where Keep Sevier Beautiful and Sevierville’s LIVE-IT came in for one Sevierville man this week.

LIVE-IT, a ministry founded by Paul and Terri Danis, combined efforts with the KSB to clean an elderly man’s residence and property — both of which were in drastic need of assistance.

In fact, LIVE-IT Executive Director and co-founder Terri Danis said Adult Protective Services had contacted them about this week’s project off Boyds Creek Road.

“We get referrals from all different organizations,” Danis said. “Adult Protective Servcies, DCS, home healthcare workers, case managers, the senior center and individuals. When somebody finds out about a need, they ask us if we’ll go out and evaluate the situation and see if there’s anything we can do.”

People usually welcome the helping hand.

“They’re ecstatic,” Danis, who founded LIVE-IT with her husband Paul, said. “Because most of the times when we get a call, it’s pretty severe. We’re kind of a last-resort ministry, where they’ve exhausted any other means. They’ve checked with churches, their family that lives out of state or friends and they just don’t find anybody that’s willing (provide assistance). It’s not going to get done if we don’t do it.”

Keep Sevier Beautiful began working with LIVE-IT about four months ago. This is their fourth effort in what they’ve termed “Project Restore.”

“(It is situations where) they can’t take care of it themselves,” Laura Howard, KSB’s executive director said. “Whether it’s an illegal dump site or a situation like this.”

This week’s challenge came in the form of an elderly and disabled man whose property had fallen into blight.

“On this one we’ll probably taking out 20-25 container loads (of trash) by the time we’re done,” Howard said. “It was bigger than what we thought.

“He has no family here, and then also had a caregiver that he had to turn in for elder abuse, which contributed to the problem as well. When we came, he had basically said anything that you can take away, please do. I think it’s a blessing to him as well.”

All together, around 15 volunteers are working on the project, cleaning both the inside and outside of the home and property.

It will likely take through Friday to complete.

Danis said LIVE-IT began its work three and a half years ago after noticing a portion of the population that fell through society’s cracks.

“We saw that people in the community had needs that were not being met,” Danis said. “We just felt like the Lord had called us to do that, so we started helping people in the community that had problems around their home and didn’t have any family or financial means to do it themselves.”

Still, she said the service doesn’t completely come with no strings attached.

“There’s a little caveat to it,” she said. “When we help them, we ask them what they can do to help somebody else. We’d like to get it to be kind of a movement of people wanting to help their neighbor. It’s called “Love your Neighbor.” The Bible says love God, love your neighbors. If we could just get that incentivized int he community we can make some radical changes in people’s lives. We tell them we want them to live it forward. The Bible says not to talk about it, (but) do it.”

Funding Projects discussed at next Lunch and Learn

Come Lunch and Learn with Us this Sunday at 12:30 p.m. With over 180 of our neighbors in Sevier County needing help with home repairs, yard work, or trash removal (and that’s just the ones who have called us), we are excited to be partnering with organizations who can help with the expenses associated with these worthy projects. We invite everyone to the lunch and learn this Sunday, September 15th at 12:30 p.m. at the Sevierville Civic Center to learn about who God is using to help all of us LIVE-IT!

See you there!

Photos of the Seymour Community Home Build.

We invite everyone to stand in front of Jim and Denise’s new home on Friday, August 9th at 5: 30 pm and welcome them to their new home. Click here to view the photos: Please park at Seymour Heights Christian Church at 122 Boyds Creek Hwy, Seymour TN. and catch a shuttle to the site.

Local news coverage on LIVE-IT home build

It’s not about building a house, it’s about building a community. Will you join us?

12 days till home build.

Tomorrow, Tuesday July 23rd at 7 p.m. we will be having an important meeting at Seymour Heights Christian Church to finalize plans for the upcoming Jim and Denise Home Build. Watch video here: We look forward to seeing you there.

Jim and Denise

This video speaks for itself. We appreciate your help:

Home build in Seymour

We are excited to announce that LIVE-IT, in partnership with Seymour Heights Christian Church and the Home Depot Foundation, will be building a new home for a Seymour veteran and his disabled wife in August. Click on: to learn more about Jim and Denise and see how you can get involved. We are looking to get the entire community involved so if you know someone or some organization that has a passion for the local community please send them to

Saturday “Urgent” Painting Project

Two elderly sisters in South Knoxville have received a notice from the City of Knoxville. They must paint their home or face further action by the city. If you can paint we need you this Saturday, June 1st. We will meet at the South Knoxville campus of Pathways Church (6514 Chapman Hwy, Knoxville TN 37920) Here is a great opportunity to make a difference in these two ladies lives. If you know you can help email us at or call us at 865-604-4087 Here are photos from the Pathways prep the house day of serving.

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