Two days away from rebuilding Mary’s House.

“Crunch Time.” Phone calls, E-mails, Text Messages, and yes even Blogs are starting to be sent out to make sure that we have notified everyone of this wonderful opportunity to experience “Loving Our Neighbor”. If your not familiar with Mary’s story I encourage you to click on this link http://youtu.be/2SZJDzXbJBw Over the next week we will be sending you pictures of the progress and of those who GIVE of their time and talents to serve others. Here are a few pictures that have been taken in preparation for this BIG week.

Mary with her granddaughter in front of the poured footers for her new home.

Three generations

Talking about Mary's House with Mary's son-in-law Wes (far right)

Volunteer crew shows up this past Saturday to build foundation.

Pisgah Mayor helps build Mary's foundation.

Block Mason's show up to help their neighbor.

We look forward to seeing you there. Call 865-604-4088 for more information. To sign up to help go to: www.live-it tv and sign-up to LIVE-IT. Project Build from Thursday August 25th to Friday September 2nd.

The Need Next Door.

Did you wake up this morning, walk in your bathroom, flip on the switch and your light come on immediately?  Then walk over to the sink, turn on the faucet and water came out?  Let me introduce to you to Clarence and Nell Clarence is 82 years old with Alzheimer’s and Nell is in her 70’s.  In order for Clarence and Nell to be able to turn on their water this morning they had to climb under their house and turn it on, then climb back under the house to turn it off .  In the bathroom the light switch doesn’t work and the colored Christmas lights hanging on the wall brings very little light.  Clarence built this house himself when he and Nell first got married.  They have worked hard all their lives and now have gotten older.  Too old to make repairs and their home has all kinds of issues.  They do not live in Africa or in a country where there has been an earthquake, tornado or tsunami.  They live right here in Seymour, Tennessee and yet have to climb under the house every time they need water and then back under the house and turn it off.

The volunteer contractor that looked at Clarence and Nell’s home says it will take about $1240 to make these plumbing and electrical repairs.  Would you like to help?  You can make donations to help LIVE-IT get Clarence and Nell’s home repaired by mailing a check to P.O. Box 416 Seymour TN  37865 or contribute online at http://www.live-it.tv/Give.html. Please indicate on your donation: Clarence and Nell Repairs.

Clarence and Nell are waiting for someone to help…….will it be you?


Photos from March “Love Your Neighbor Day”

This past Saturday March 12th, seven families in 2 counties were shown the “Love of God” by 25 volunteers. The projects ranged from repairing the latch on a front door to replacing a broken sewer line. As varied as the projects were, so were the volunteers who showed up to do them. We are seeing younger volunteers show up for “Love Your Neighbor” projects and that is encouraging. LIVE-IT would like to thank all those who “gave” of their “Sunny Saturday” to place the needs of their neighbor above their own. And here they are…

“Love” Your Neighbor Project # 1

Julie C. (Widow living in a home with many problems)

Need: Julie’s roof leaks when it rains.

Location: Cocke County, TN.

Photos of project

Julie (Center) with LIVE-IT Team.

Julie and her family are looking forward to “LIVING-IT Forward” on an upcoming project.

Rolling on roof sealant.

There is damage inside Julie’s home due to water leaking from her roof. The first step towards future repairs begins with sealing her roof to stop further damage.


“Love” Your Neighbor Project # 2

Glenn and Alene P. (Elderly couple)

Need: Gutters are clogged and other roof maintaince.

County: Sevier County, TN.

Photos of project ↓

Project # 2: The Clines… volunteers loving their neighbors.

Each project has a good neighbor. The good neighbor is someone who visits with those we are serving and gets to know them.


“Love” Your Neighbor Project # 3

Ronnie and Brenda W.

Need: Water damage and excess moisture has caused mold to grow in their home.

Location: Sevier County, TN

PROJECT SPONSOR: SERVPRO of Sevier and Cocke Counties

Photos of Project ↓

Project # 3: Ronnie and Brenda W. (Pictured in center)

Both Ronnie and Brenda have had health challenges and Ronnie is recovering from cancer.

Project # 3: Cleaning bedroom.

Our thanks to SERVPRO for “Loving Their Neighbors”


“Love” Your Neighbor Project # 4

Sharon D. (Single Mom with 3 Children)

Need: Sewer line ruptured and needed to be replaced. Due to utility lines running near sewer line, all digging needed to be by shovel.

Location: Sevier, TN

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Allan Bickford Plumbing

Photos of Project ↓

Sharon and her children are pictured at right.

The team of volunteers that showed up to help a single mom and her kids was mainly high school and college aged youth. Way to Go Guys!!

Young LIVE-IT Vols jump in.

Job completed.

It doesn’t seem to matter how messy the work when the heart is in the right place.


“Love” Your Neighbor Project # 5

Angela C.  (Single Woman with Multiple Sclerosis)

Needs: Window AC needs replaced, back porch light needs replacing, roof needs to be sealed to stop leaking.

Location: Sevier County, TN

Photos of Project ↓

Angela and her loving neighbors.

Angela (Like Julie in project #1) has several issues that need to be addressed. Thanks to these volunteers, Angela has 3 less things to worry about.

Roof after sealant applied.


“Love” Your Neighbor Project #6

Monika, J. (Widow)

Needs: Front door is difficult to open.

Location: Sevier County, TN

Photos of Project ↓

Monika with her two LIVE-IT Neighbors


“Love” Your Neighbor Project # 7

Patsey Ownby (Widow on oxygen)

Needs: Patsey was just released from the hospital, she needs a haircut and is still very weak.

Location: Sevier County, TN

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Al Robles and his scissors

Photos of Project ↓

Patsey with her just in time haircut.

Patsey was having difficulty with her hair getting tangled into her oxygen canula when she slept.

Patsey and her new “Jamie Lee Curtis” haircut.

They Need You…More calls are coming in daily from our neighbors that need help. We need more volunteers. Won’t you sign up to “Love Your Neighbors”

Go to www.live-it.tv and click on: Sign Up to LIVE-IT

“Angels” @ February Love Your Neighbor Day!

If you’ve been following the blogs, most of you know that LIVE-IT completed over 100 projects in 2010. What you may not know is that all those projects were completed without the use of “Angels”. No I’m not referring to the heavenly helpmates or the baseball team in California. I’m referring to the new LIVE-IT volunteer position that will be on all LIVE-IT project sites in 2011 called the “Angel”. As the team works on roofs, floors, yards, etc. the Angel will be spending time with the homeowner getting to know them and developing a relationship.

Great Job to all of you who gave up your Saturday to Love Your Neighbor. And thanks to all of you “Angels”!

Ms. George had a wonderful surprise when these 4 ladies showed up at her door to “Love their neighbor.” Penny second from left was Ms. Georges “Angel”

Ms.Beeler needed her bedroom floor repaired (termites) and lots of furniture moved to repair the floor. Thanks to all the volunteers who showed up to help. Kate (crouching to the left of Ms. Beeler) was Ms. Beelers "Angel"

"Thank you Lord for always bringing the right people who have hearts to love their neighbors". Removal of the old floor.

Ms. Byrd's deck needed several repairs. Here are members of her team with "Angels" Kristina and her daughter Zoe.

Great job, deck team. Ms. Byrd now can safely be outside.

A new year, so how will it be different?

A new year means a new start for many. Many make resolutions to do things differently. I thought it would be interesting to see what the top 10 New Year’s resolutions are for those that make them. Here is the top ten, counted down in David Letterman fashion:

#10 – Get organized

#9   – Help others

#8   – Learn something new

#7    – Get out of debt

#6    – Quit drinking

#5    – Enjoy life more

#4    – Stop smoking

#3    – Tame the bulge

#2    – Fit in fitness

And the number one most popular new years resolution is….

#1     – Spend more time with family and friends

50% of adults in North America will make a New Year’s resolution (Norcross & Vangarelli, 1988, as cited by Koestner 2008) However most people fail in adhering to their stated New Year’s resolutions. Specifically, 22% fail after one week, 40% after one month, 50% after three months, 60% after six months, and 81% after twenty-four months (Norcross & Vangarelli, 1988, as cited by Koestner 2008). Three reasons for failing to achieve one’s stated goals (Baumeister and Heatherton 1996, as cited by Koestner, 2008, p. 61):

(1) Unclear and vague goals. (2) Failure to gauge one’s progress toward the stated goals. (3) Weak self control and self-regulation when facing challenges that impede one’s ability to achieve the stated goals.

What most resolutions have in common is they are made by individuals for personal improvement. And therefore when the individual fails so does the resolution.


Introducing the first group commitment that resolves to love our neighbors. 16,000 of them to be exact…

…and we’re asking you to be one of them.

Find out more at:  http://www.live-it.tv/WhatIs4C.html

Have a Blessed New Year

Pictures from the first “Love Your Neighbor Day”

Saturday the 16th was a red letter day for volunteers that gathered together at 8:00 am in the Big Lots parking lot to show their love for their neighbors. Around 30 volunteers from various backgrounds showed up along with the Sevier County Sheriff to help complete needed projects on our neighbors homes. The Boys and Girls Club of Sevier County and Operation YouthReach also showed up to provide further support in repairing homes and loving our neighbors. We couldn’t have done it without them.

Enjoy these photos of our LIVE-IT crews in action…Thanks for your wonderful service!

The First "Love Your Neighbor Day" Group 8:00 am Saturday Oct 16th

Our neighbor Patsy...while the LIVE-IT crew worked on her home Lindsay took Patsy on a needed grocery run.

Back at Patsy's home the crew focused on 3 projects. The first...the ceiling in Patsy's kitchen.

Second...the ceiling in Patsy's bedroom.

Third...Patsy's roof.

Cutting out damaged ceiling in kitchen.

Sheriff measuring replacement patch.

New insulation inserted by our Boys and Girls Club Volunteers.

Patch installed.

Taping the mudding.

Girls adding texture to the patch.



Removing old bedroom ceiling tiles.



Now onto the roof.

Preparing the roof.

Roofing project under the direction of Seth from Operation YouthReach.

...and Kate, Representing MTSU and a seasoned roofer.



Special Thanks to:

McCarter Lumber

Carl Ownby & Co.

Knox Rail Salvage

Operation Youth Reach

Boys and Girls Club of Sevier County

More to come on the other 5 projects completed on

LOVE Your Neighbor Day…

Patsy's Neighbors...

Refreshing Others.

I was tired! And I really didn’t want to blog tonight. It seems as though there is so much going on within LIVE-IT, so many doors opening, new needs being called in daily, and so many things to do. And then something wonderful happened. A friend and great servant in the ministry stopped by (he was tired too!) He began to tell me about his busy day and all the things he had on his mind. We started to talk about a large on-going LIVE-IT project which he is leading for the ministry. As we talked about the needs of the project (and there are many) I began to feel energized. John talked about finding mudders (These are people who finish dry wall, not mothers from New Jersey) and a plumber who has a heart to serve the less fortunate. The more he spoke of donated materials, and suppliers willing to get involved with helping others, the more I could feel my energy level increasing. The encouraging news of a friend was lifting my tired spirit. After my friend left, I thought about this morning, where I visited two widows homes with builder friends and discussed plans to finish the repairs LIVE-IT had started on their homes. Just thinking about their willingness to take the lead in finishing these projects was a joy to my spirit. In thinking about this further I want to encourage all LIVE-IT volunteers past and present. I want to encourage all the businesses who have rallied around the cause of refreshing others, and the churches who have encouraged those in the church to refresh those outside the church.

The generous prosper and are satisfied; those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed. Proverbs 11:25


LIVE-IT Updates 8.15.10 to 8.22.10

The efforts of 40 volunteers save a family from losing their home. The largest LIVE-IT project to date was completed on August 14, 2010 when 40 volunteers gave up their Saturday to remove lots of yard debris from a South Knoxville home. On Monday, August 16th the property was inspected and the notice to condemn the property was cancelled. Again, our thanks to Gatlinburg Falls Resort for sponsoring this project and providing many of the wonderful volunteers who participated in this clean-up effort.

South Knoxville property prior to clean-up.

After clean-up project and order to condemn "cancelled"

Local churches help LIVE-IT store donated building materials.

This week marks a new chapter in the mission of LIVE-IT Ministries as three Sevier County churches agreed to help LIVE-IT with a problem it has struggled with for months. As the awareness of LIVE-IT has increased with builders and contractors, so have donations of building materials. This has certainly been a blessing, however storage of these donated materials has posed a challenge. This week, New Hope Church of God, The Gathering, and Evergreen PCA will be placing a 10×40 container on their property for LIVE-IT to use as storage for these donated building materials. LIVE-IT will paint these containers black and logo them with the familiar (LIVE-IT – Taking the Bible out of the box). This will further serve as a reminder to the community of the commitment these churches have to “demonstrate” the love of Christ in their communities through service projects.

Container being delivered to New Hope Church Of God

Container delivered to The Gathering Church.

To God be the Glory!!

Who is an orphan?

Orphan: Various groups use different definitions to identify orphans. One legal definition used in the USA is a minor bereft through “death or disappearance of, abandonment or desertion by, or separation or loss from, both parents”.

So if a child has two parents that must mean their not an orphan right? I would add this 12 year old girl and her circumstance to the above definition of orphan. There are thousands of children growing up in homes with similar circumstances. So, who is an orphan?

12-Year-Old Girl Locked in Closet For a Year Because She Wanted to Eat

Posted by Kealan Oliver

(Brownsville Police Dept.)

(Brownsville Police Dept.)

BROWNSVILLE, Texas (CBS/AP) Alfredo and Leticia Ines locked their 12-year-old daughter in a closet for nearly a year with no light and minimal contact with the world, according to Texas police.

Photo: Leticia Ines’ mug shot.

The girl was released to go to school, eat or use the bathroom in the family’s small home, officials said. She would do her homework by a thin sliver of light shining beneath the closet door.

One of her three brothers came to her rescue by alerting school officials. Her mother, Leticia Ines, told police she was trying to keep the 12-year-old from stealing food from the refrigerator.

Photo: Alfredo Ines’ booking photo.

According to Rio Grande Valley, Texas news station KRGV, the girl was told to use a bucket as her bathroom at night and was forced to clean it every morning. The station also reported that neighbors were unaware of the alleged abuse.

Jail records indicate that the father, 43-year-old Alfredo Ines, and the mother, 40-year-old Leticia Ines, are being held on charges of unlawful restraint and injury to a child. The 12-year-old is in foster care, according to the station.

We can’t change what happened to them. But we can love them into their future.